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#Oscars2018: 15 Award Winning Movies You Need To Add To Your Must-Watch List!

#Oscars2018: 15 Award Winning Movies You Need To Add To Your Must-Watch List!

The 90th Academy Awards took place on the 5th of March (IST) and regardless to say, it celebrated the best of Hollywood in a star-studded night. While most avid-movie addicts might have already made their way through most of the movies on this list, there are a few who are yet to begin the Oscar binge-watch. So here I am, making your life easier. This is a list of the most impactful movies to have released this year, hence making their way to the very top and winning several Academy Awards.

1. The Shape Of Water - Won Best Picture, Best Director & Best Production Design

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This off-beat love story made waves with its representation and impeccable production. A must watch for the romantic souls out there. 

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2. Darkest Hour - Won Best Actor, Best Makeup And Hairstyling

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Based on the true story of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who won against several obstacles throughout his term. The Darkest Hour will teach you a thing or two about politics. 

3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri - Won Best Actress In Leading Role & Best Actor In Supporting Role

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A fearless movie which summarises the struggle of a mother for justice. Just the trailer will leave you wanting more.

4.  Get Out - Won Best Writing (Original Screenplay)

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This film has been on the map since the beginning of this year and rightly so! It is an exceptional take on the discrepancies between race, colour, and class. 

5. Heaven Is A Traffic Jam On The 405 - Won Best Documentary (Short Subject)

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An honest journey of artist Mindy Alper, who has suffered from anxiety, OCD, and depression for most of her life. This documentary is as painful as it is beautiful. 

6. Coco - Won Best Animated Feature Film

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With music that warms your heart and brilliant animation, Coco isn't just for kids. It's a true representation of the struggles you face to follow your dreams.

7. Blade Runner 2049 - Won Best Visual Effects And Best Cinematography

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It's been 35 years since the iconic original, but the series is back with a film that has Ryan Gosling at his best accompanied by stunning visual effects.

8. Phantom Thread - Won Best Costume Design

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Crazy, unpredictable and a visual treat, Phantom Thread is a spectacular combination of all things beautiful and fragile.

9. Icarus - Won Best Documentary (Feature)

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Filmmaker Bryan Fogel began a documentary to uncover the truth behind doping in sports and instead uncovered a deep dark secret about the geopolitical situation in Russia. 

10. A Fantastic Woman - Won Best Foreign Language Film

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A Chilean drama about a trans woman who is denied the right to mourn her lover because of her sexuality, this film strikes a nerve. 

11. I, Tonya - Won Best Actress In Supporting Role

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Inspiring and unapologetically raw, I, Tonya replays the price of stardom at a young age. 

12. Call Me By Your Name - Won Best Writing Adapted Screenplay

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Based on a novel by André Aciman of the same name, this love story will leave you in a puddle of tears but you'll be grateful for the journey.

13. Dunkirk - Won Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing And Best Sound Mixing

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This film doesn't need an introduction, Dunkirk is a visual and audio masterpiece at its best. 

14. The Silent Child - Won Best Short Film (Live Action)

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A British short film about a deaf four-year-old girl who lives a silent life reading lips until a social worker decides to teach her sign language.

15. Dear Basketball - Won Best Short Film (Animated)

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Documenting the journey and legend that Kobe Bryant stands for, this is a must watch for every Basketball fan.

Get ready to binge-watch!

Published on Mar 5, 2018
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