‘We Make Flashy News Out Of Cleavages’ - This Video Is AWESOME!

‘We Make Flashy News Out Of Cleavages’ - This Video Is AWESOME!

Haven’t we girls heard the ‘noise’ of body-shaming, slut-shaming and all the other kinds of shaming in our lives? What are we saying? Of course, we have and it’s ugly, right? People hate comment on women like they are getting paid to do so - the dirtier, the better. And what do we do? Uh oh...wrong question, what CAN we do? Ignore, maybe? But the voice inside our heads won’t let us do that! So we mute it because unfortunately, we can’t stop that virtual noise.

So, who is up for help? The people who claim cash in the name of God or the ones who hate comment and run away like a rat? But why will anyone help you anyway? The world, including you, has been spiritually and morally deafened by THIS ‘noise’ - and how ironical is that?

We have witnessed a girl’s cleavage and a girl’s legs making headlines. But isn’t that just another day for a girl? Another day experiencing some regular shitty stuff she has been experiencing since forever. If you have lived a day where these noises took over your own voice then you need to watch this video by Blush in collaboration with Kalki Koechlin.

‘Noise’ by Kalki will give you goosebumps and they are all for the *right* reasons. She heard the music of her day just like we all hear ours but along with that she also ‘listens’ to all that we forget to acknowledge - the religious bells that doesn’t help when a guy comments ‘I’ll rape you’, the doors that are slammed on the face of harsh realities everyday, the noise in our heads that doesn’t want us to speak up because we’re too scared of even raising our voice.

Aren’t we letting go of a lot of things...unnoticed? In this beautiful thought provoking poetry of hers, she has slammed everything that is *actually* going wrong and it couldn’t have been done any better. So my friend, let’s fill our silences with music instead of this ‘noise’! Watch this amazing video here and maybe, you will be as moved as we were!

P.S. Happy World Music Day!

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