Feminism is Cancer? Men's Rights Group Performs Puja To End #MeToo & We Are Quite Shocked

Feminism is Cancer? Men's Rights Group Performs Puja To End #MeToo & We Are Quite Shocked

Are you a woman who is trying to curtail the rights of men? Or are you trying to fight for your own rights? Well, this bizarre puja conducted by the Save Indian Family Karnataka (SIF) wants to drive away all the 'evils' that a feminist brings to the society. 

The Karnataka based group performed a Pisachini Mukti Puja followed by a Pindadaan on September 22. The not-so-inspiring puja solely concentrated on removing just one evil from the society- feminists! We are just as shocked as you are to be reading this! 

A poster that the organisation launched announcing their ritual also went viral on social media.

What Does 'Pisachini Mukti Puja' Aim At?

The Puja, performed by a group of men is aimed at abolishing all the vice that exists in the society in the form of feminists.

While speaking to a leading news channel, one of the spokespersons of SIF said, "Feminism in India is no longer about gender equality. It is only about seeking female dominance and oppressing men. Feminists only care about rights without any responsibilities. They want equality but they use men". He further went on to say that feminists are "pisachinis", which basically means "evil".


All You Need To Know About 'Save Indian Family'

An organisation that claims to 'promote gender equality and family harmony', SIF started as a helpline for husbands and all those families which were constantly harassed by anti-dowry laws. The organisation was earlier called 'Men's Rights Foundation' that started in June 2000 by Rudy Gokul in Bombay. It was then later renamed as Save Indian Family on March 9, 2005.

Let us now give you a little perspective about SIF with regard to the puja performed. The organisation considers all anti-feminism pujas symbolic. The group holds a belief that the #MeToo movement is 'rakshasa' and needs to be eradicated. SIF believes that feminism is the reason why families are breaking at the drop of a hat across India.

Groups For Men's Rights Diss Female Gender On Social Media

The bizarre puja has received a lot of support from groups fighting for men's rights across India and we wonder where the country is headed! 

What could be a bigger definition of crazy? We wonder!

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