Kim K Is So OVER Blonde, And It's Going To Make You Feel Like You Need A Makeover STAT!

Kim K Is So OVER Blonde, And It's Going To Make You Feel Like You Need A Makeover STAT!

I love looking at Kim K's social media feed. Her fashion, her different weaves and of course, her make-up has us all endlessly scrolling, trying to figure out how you can redo one of the looks. 

When it comes to anything beauty, Kim K and sister Kylie Jenner are always a step above the rest. Be it the onset of the contouring trend or the launch of fantastic new beauty products, Kim K knows it all. When she doesn't change her look up for a while, you are on an edge trying to figure out what she's up to. And that's exactly what happened this week.

When Kim K Went Pink

It was such a non-eventful day yesterday, just like another Monday... or was it?

As I was doing my customary end of the day social media scroll, I landed up on twitter and then I know this Monday was about to turn pink! Social Media Queen Kim Kardashian West had just changed her hair colour up to a shade of the poppiest bubblegum pink and I am SERIOUSLY all about it. 

It started with her being over her blonde hair. (That's me every week TBH)

And then, the very next day, this video made an appearance on her Twitter. 


Of course, people went nuts! It is a gorgeous bubblegum pink which is ideal for this season. People were already asking her and Chris Applegate (her hairstylist), a gazillion questions. 

The most frequently asked question was if she had a weave on. 

'Coz A Little Change Never Hurt Anybody 

She then posted this on her app to explain why she went pink. 

She went on to explain that she's wanted to try this shade out for a while and because her hair was already super blonde, it didn't need too much to change it up to pink. She also says that everyone loves the colour, especially North. Don't get too attached to this shade though, because she says it may not last for more than a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Kim K's hairstylist, Chris Appleton shared some tips on how to maintain her pink hair on her app as well. 

He recommends using a colour shampoo to maintain the hair colour's intensity and to use a hair nourishing treatment to keep the mane glossy. Also, he advises against overwashing the hair. 

Well, if I wasn't over my hair before, I am now. BRB, calling my hairstylist!