Let Them Vent Out: Kareena Kapoor's Zen Take On Trolls Will Leave You Quite Surprised

Let Them Vent Out: Kareena Kapoor's Zen Take On Trolls Will Leave You Quite Surprised

Just like everyone else, the year 2020 has proved to be a trying one for the Indian film industry as well. From Irfan Khan to Sushant Singh Rajput, we lost some of our brightest stars this year. Also, the outrage and the nepotism debate that has followed after Sushant's tragic demise have not helped the situation either. The public is enraged and is venting it out on the B-town celebs by incessant social media trolling and bullying. Consequently, so many of them have bid their adieus to social media so as to retain their sanity and for the sake of their mental health. 

On the other hand, there are also those who have declared a war against these social media trolls and have been calling them out in public. Just a couple of days ago, actress Taapsee Pannu took to Instagram to share screenshots of messages received by these trolls. Of course, the celebs are enraged, no one likes being poked unnecessarily, and are finally coming for these trolls. However, Kareena Kapoor Khan seems to have an entirely different take on the topic, quite a zen one actually. 

Discussing the same in a recent interview with an online portalshe talked about her approach to these trolls and how more often than not she does not take any of this social media trolling to heart. She also talked about how the pandemic has been a tough time for everyone and some of the people are perhaps letting it out on others by the means of social media trolling. 

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“I just feel that the lockdown and pandemic have caused a lot of chaos in people’s minds and we have a lot of time on our hands. So people are just over-discussing, over-analysing, over-trolling things. Everyone is all over the place. Everyone is sitting at home, lot of people are without jobs. One shouldn’t even look at it as trolling. I guess everybody is just bored and wants to say something,” she said during the conversation. 

She further added, “I think we are also here to spread peace and positivity. The idea is that everyone should just be happy in their space and not get into each others’ hair. If trolling makes someone happy then so be it."

Well, that's one way to deal with trolls and you're certainly sorted with that kind of wisdom nicely compounded with Bebo's devil-may-care attitude. 

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