Enough With The Crap! Watch Out Trolls, Taapsee Pannu Is Coming For You

Enough With The Crap! Watch Out Trolls, Taapsee Pannu Is Coming For You

It was back in 2009 that Oxford Languages recognised "unfriended" as the word of the year. If you look back, it was indeed the year that marked the rise of social media in the world. No wonder, the decade that followed got duly dedicated to social media and the power of the public discourse. The trend continues to go strong. In fact, in recent times, entire movements were started, propagated, and won on social media. 

Sadly, along with social media, the recent decade also saw the rise of the internet troll. We also saw the rise of the sinister speck of humanity, that found its true calling in giving people names and bringing others down for no obvious reason whatsoever. Also, the more you were in the public eye, the more susceptible you became to these aimless attacks thus celebs being their numero uno target. But there has to be a way to deal with these trolls, right? Well, of course, there is: it is calling them out in public that serves as the actual kryptonite for these trolls and really diminishes their power.

Actor Taapsee Pannu did something similar recently. Fed up with all these lewd messages, she posted a screenshot of messages received from one of these trolls who had insulted her and also questioned her talent. "Tujhe acting to ati nahi hai, utha utha ke movie karti hai," the troll had written and Taapsee had a fitting response for the same. “Exactly kya utha utha ke? Kyunki uthaya toh hai maine, standard but aapko shayad nahi samajh aaye," she wrote. 


She also posted another screenshot where a troll had abused her continuously by replying to all her stories. The actress also tagged the troll in the screenshot and shamed them for all the vileness like a boss by taking a jibe at their "persistence." 

That said, the internet trolls seem to have gotten all the more sinister over time. Just earlier, this year, a number of celebs actually ended up quitting social media because of the incessant trolling and all the toxicity that it brings in their lives. We wonder what exactly do these trolls get by spewing venom on social media. Well, in case, Taapsee is the one they are trolling, then we kinda know the answer: a free shout out and public shaming! Guess that's too much of a price even for these trolls and they mend their ways now.  

Also, really cool to see Taapsee being an absolute badass these days. Just yesterday, she broke the internet with a picture of her intense transformation and killer quadriceps for the film Rashmi Rocket

Well, be warned trolls, the actress clearly won't shy away from putting those quads to good use. You know what we mean!

Featured Image: Instagram