How Your Shaadi Costs Will Totally Change Now (Thanks To GST!)

How Your Shaadi Costs Will Totally Change Now (Thanks To GST!)

So GST, also known as Goods and Service Tax, has been the buzzword in India for the last few months. And we’re all still trying hard to get clarity on all that’s changed. But with the wedding season just about kicking in, we were extremely inquisitive about how it’ll impact wedding costs. Every family has a specific budget for the wedding and with GST coming in, the budget too gets affected - in good ways and bad. So we did our bit of research and here’s what we found out. Read on to know what you should be keeping in mind while budgeting for your shaadi post-GST.

Let’s start with the not-so-amazing news.

1. Gold will get more expensive

1a Goods and Service Tax

No desi wedding can ever be complete without gold jewellery. From a set for your wedding day to one that your mom gifts you as a token of love - gold is the one major investment. The tax on gold has now increased from 1.8% to 3%.

2. Steer clear of fancy venues

We mean 5-star hotels. Your 5-star hotels will now demand a tax of 28%. But the good news is that your budget hotels will get cheaper!!

3. Pay more for beauty

3a Goods and Service Tax

Beauty is yet another big aspect of a wedding. From salon services to bridal beauty kits, the prices are all ready to shoot, thanks to 28% GST. Switch to the good old home remedies, maybe?

4. Wedding photographers get pricey!

Uh-uh, that’s something we’re really sad about. Because no matter what, you really do need a fab photographer to capture your big day. And you’ll now have to pay a tax of 18% on such services. We suggest, try and strike a deal with your photographer for a complimentary pre-wedding shoot. It won’t pinch you all that much then!

5. This season, opt for e-invites!

5a Goods and Service Tax

Because, courier services will get expensive thanks to an 18% tax. And we totally understand that you’ll have a hundred wedding cards and favours to courier to friends and family. So, well, e-invitations are the way to go!

Now to the good news!

1. Flying made fun!

So the best news is that economy class tickets will now be cheaper. So be it your honeymoon or flying in your guests for a destination wedding, it’ll all be more pocket friendly. Airfare has been placed under the 5% tax bracket and we couldn’t be more excited!

2. Costume jewellery goes cheaper!!

2b Goods and Service Tax

Yay!! We’re most excited about this! The kundan, polki replicas will now come at a reduced tax of 12% and that sure calls for celebration!

3. GST is fashion friendly

Rejoice dear brides-to-be, your trousseau wear will now be cheaper. For clothes and apparel above Rs 1,000, a reduced tax of only 12% will be charged. So go ahead, start shopping!

4. Expect reduced catering costs

4b Goods and Service Tax

Taxes on a couple of essential food items are being reduced by a considerable percentage. And that means, you can expect a good price cut from your caterer as well. Time to brush up your bargaining skills!

While this the latest that we have, it’s always better to get full clarity from your vendors before finalizing the deal.

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