Your Guide To Staying Safe In Mumbai During Cyclone Ockhi

Your Guide To Staying Safe In Mumbai During Cyclone Ockhi

Just when Mumbaikars thought they’d seen last of the Mumbai monsoons, the skies burst open on Monday evening and the city experienced showers in every corner of the metropolis, proving them wrong.

But unlike the annual monsoon season in Mumbai, these showers were a result of the vengeful Cyclone Ockhi that has slowly been making its way through the Arabian Sea, and has been called the most intense storm since Cyclone Megh in 2015. After originating near Sri Lanka on November 29, the storm made its way to Lakshadweep and the coasts of Mumbai and Gujarat.

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A high alert has been issued by authorities and all measures have been taken to ensure that minimal damage occurs due to the effects of the cyclone, and residents have been strictly advised against visiting beaches and chowpattys as a precautionary measure for safety.

In these tough times and unpredictable weather, we could all do with some safety measures and tips ourselves, to keep ourselves dry and safe until the storm passes.

For when you’re on the move

  • Ensure that your feet are adequately protected; if you’re wearing shoes, make sure your feet don’t stay wet and remain damp for too long

  • Umbrellas, windcheaters, plastic cases and coverings for your wallets, phones, and valuables are all essential items to carry with you at all times

  • Stay warm! Not only is it the monsoon, it’s also December and all kinds of diseases out in the open air are just waiting to invade your body and make you ill.

  • Be careful on the roads and if you’re driving, pay close attention to traffic updates and information on blocked roads, diversions, detours, and of course, potholes or open sewers that can be harmful

  • Keep away from going to the beach, visiting any chowpatty, and in general staying away from coastal areas that have high tide warnings issued.

  • If you see someone struggling to get public transport in the rain, do not hesitate to offer them help in any way you can, even if it means dropping them halfway to their destination if it’s on your way.

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For when you’re indoors

  • Have a significant stock of essential items such as bread, milk, drinking water etc, so that you don’t have to step out of the house unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  • Keep your electronic devices charged, should there be a possibility of a power outage.

  • Emergency lights or candles can be very useful to have around during such times.

  • Keep an eye out for any helpless street animals, especially dogs and cats who don’t have homes to go to, and give them shelter and warmth until the weather clears up.

Health & safety tips

  • Refrain from consuming food from any place outside and try to stick to home cooked meals instead.

  • Mosquitoes can be a nuisance in damp weather; keep repellents and creams nearby and all windows and doors shut tight after dusk to keep them at bay.

  • Boiled water is the safest to be used for drinking and cooking purposes.

  • Keeping dry and staying warm is of utmost importance, right after staying clean and sanitising your hands before and after meals.

  • Stay hydrated at all times and take good care of your skin; damp weather can suck the moisture out of your skin making them dry and flakey.

Stay safe, Mumbai!

Images: Hindustan Times, Skymet