7 Honeymoon Confessions That Are Just SO Sweet (And Spicy)!

7 Honeymoon Confessions That Are Just SO Sweet (And Spicy)!

Honeymoon is the best part about getting married! Not only because you’re having all the fun, sex and food but also because, you and your husband get to bond with each other on a deeper level. You spend quality alone time with your favourite person in the world and it’s so magical. If you dream of a perfect honeymoon, here are some sweet and spicy honeymoon confessions from couples on Whisper. The sweetness and love these couples discovered and explored with each other will make your heart melt. Read on and tag your future husband.  

1. That’s such a cool thing to do!

1. honeymoon confessions

2. He will surprise you whenever he can…

2. honeymoon confessions

3. Haha! Yeah, it’s a bit weird!

3. honeymoon confessions

4. There’s so much love…

4. honeymoon confessions

5. This is amazing!

5. honeymoon confessions

6. Well, that’s quite an adventure!

6. honeymoon confessions

7. Because being together is all that matters!

7. honeymoon confessions

You can read full thread here on Whisper.

So are you excited for your honeymoon?

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