Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 45: Sreesanth Wants To File An FIR Against Karanvir

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 45: Sreesanth Wants To File An FIR Against Karanvir

The entry of Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde in the Bigg Boss house has created a lot of drama. They have given the contestants gossip about what is happening outside the house and it has made the inmates cautious about their actions and words.

This week, the luxury budget task brought out the worst in every contestant. Surbhi made fun of Megha, Megha told Surbhi that she can never become the winner, Vikas and Sreesanth ran into a huge tussle with each other and Sreesanth and Karanvir got physical.

In case you missed all the chaos that was caused during the luxury budget task, we have the highlights from Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 45. Read on!

Vikas Gave Tips To Karanvir

Karanvir went up to Vikas and Vikas told him that he hasn't been taking lead in tasks, he isn't showing aggression like Deepak. Vikas' suggestion was that KV needs to get more involved in the tasks. He also told Karanvir that there is nothing wrong or right in the Bigg Boss house and he mustn't think too much.

Deepak Got Bro-Zoned

Urvashi went up to Somi to apologise on Deepak's behalf. She told Somi that she can understand how uncomfortable she feels when people link her with Deepak. She suggested to Somi to go and clear things up with Deepak because she has to go outside the Bigg Boss house and face her family, too. To this Somi said that she's never had feelings for Deepak and he's like a brother to her.

Bigg Boss Scrapped The Second Round Of The Rangoli Task As Well

As soon as the task commenced, Romil and Karanvir ran to the storeroom to collect the colours. Megha started making her rangoli. Somi attacked her and Shiv tried to stop her, but Somi destroyed the rangoli. Megha started making a new one and Shilpa tried to destroy that one, too. Megha said that the moderator of the task can't participate. Then Megha and Deepak had a verbal spat. Bigg Boss asked Vikas and Shilpa to come to a conclusion about which team has won this round, but the two kept fighting. Hence, Bigg Boss cancelled the second round as well.

Sreesanth Joined Shinde Parivar

Sreesanth asked Vikas if he could go and collect the colours from the storeroom but Vikas told him that Karanvir would do that and Sreesanth must go and protect the Rangoli. Sreesanth lost his cool and snapped at Vikas and called him a 'fake mastermind.' Vikas couldn't keep calm either and called Sreesanth 'mannerless.' The argument heated up between the two. Megha and Jasleen tried to calm Sreesanth down and told him to not say such things to Vikas as he is a guest. Sreesanth got up and sat with Shinde Parivar and left the Gupta Parivar.

Sreesanth Decided To File An FIR Against Karanvir

Sreesanth and Karanvir had a massive fight during the Rangoli task and they charged at each other. All the inmates tried to stop them. Sreesanth commented on KV's family and said that he didn't have a legacy like Sreesanth. Sreesanth kept repeating the fact that Karanvir pushed him on loop. Later, Sreesanth told Deepak that he will file an FIR against Karanvir. 

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