Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 40: Sreesanth Loses Calm And Calls Bigg Boss The Worst Show Ever

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 40: Sreesanth Loses Calm And Calls Bigg Boss The Worst Show Ever

The captaincy task in the Bigg Boss house has been going on for two days now and I was beginning to wonder when one of the two contenders, Megha or Deepak, step down. The contestants have been giving them bitter gourd and chili sauce, but their will to become the captain is still strong.

Megha, a wildcard entry, has won all our hearts by emerging as a strong contestant in just two days of her entering the house.

But, in case you missed out on who became the captain and who all were sent to jail yesterday, we have the highlights for you. Read on!

1. Srishty Calls Rohit A Puppet

Looking at Megha perform incredibly well in the captaincy task, Srishty spoke to Rohit about how Megha is a true hero. She asked him why didn't he support Megha when he knew that she's a good contender. She also talked about how it's amazing that Megha could run for the captaincy in only two days of her entering the Bigg Boss house and she couldn't. Srishty then told Rohit that he shouldn't have gotten involved in any gangs, and that now he has become Romil and Deepak’s puppet.

2. Anup Ji And Jasleen Romance Amidst Chaos

Jasleen felt really bad when Surbhi taunted her for calling her crazy. Later Jasleen was seen sitting next to Anup Ji and crying. Anup Ji consoled her and told her that she needs to be strong, and that no one should see her crying like this. He asked her to observe people in the house and note where they are going wrong. And then he told her that she looks nice when she cries. Jasleen finally smiled and nudged him.

3. Deepak Becomes The Captain Of The House

Megha finally gave up after Deepak and her made a deal that Deepak would help her become the captain in the coming week if she stepped down this time. Romil and Surbhi hugged him but he was hurt when Urvashi didn't even come to congratulate him.

4. Deepak Sends Jasleen To The Jail

The contestants nominated Romil, Shivashish, and Sreesanth to go to the jail. Bigg Boss told Deepak that since he's the captain now, he can save anyone from the three nominated and send someone else to the jail instead. Deepak saved Romil and sent Jasleen to the jail. His reason was that Jasleen had called his friend Surbhi 'mental.'

5. Sreesanth Loses His Cool On Being Sent To Jail

Sreesanth started to yell at the top of his voice, and refused to go to jail. He says that only if he's shown a clear picture, and told what he did, will he go. He then starts pointing out others' mistakes and asks why they weren't being sent to the jail. Then he entered the jail in anger, took off his mic, started yelling at the camera, and called Bigg Boss the worst show ever.


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