Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 39: Sreesanth Has A New Sister In The House

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 39: Sreesanth Has A New Sister In The House

The contestants in the Bigg Boss house have understood that at the end of the day, they're all alone in the show. The only thing that can save them before their fans come to the rescue is captaincy. That is precisely why things get ugly during the captaincy tasks.

Megha, Deepak and Somi won the poultry farm task and became the contenders for the captaincy task. The task required the contenders to stay inside a train for as long as they could. The remaining contestants had to use the set ingredients like karela, chilli sauce and wasabi amongst others and try to de-board the contenders. Bigg Boss elected Shivashish as the moderator of the task.

In case you missed out on all the scheming that happened last night, we have the highlights for you.

1. Contestants Are Now Against Deepak

Deepak, Saba and Megha won the captaincy task. Bigg Boss asked Saba to nominate someone else for captaincy since she isn't allowed to become the captain of the house. Saba took Somi's name. Later, Jasleen told Anup Ji that Deepak better not become the captain of the house. Jasleen added that she wouldn't work under his captaincy. Srishty and Urvashi were seen talking about how Deepak's changed behaviour is bothering them. That's when Urvashi said that Deepak wouldn't become the captain if he continues to behave like this. Sreesanth, too, walked up to Anup Ji and said that he would not work in Deepak’s captaincy and that they all can't let him become captain because the captain gets exempted from nominations.

2. Surbhi Snaps At Sreesanth

Sreesanth was seen picking up a glass to make an evil concoction as part of the captaincy task between Megha, Deepak and Somi. Romil told him that he can't just mix any random things in the glass. Surbhi stepped in and snapped at Sreesanth saying that he doesn't perform in the tasks which need physical strength but when tasks like these come where strategy and scheming is the way to win, then he actively participates. She also said that his nature is such that he's a cheap person and likes doing animalistic things. Romil agreed with her.

3. Evil Romil

Shivashish gave chilli sauce to Megha and she drank it instantly. Romil ran to get her water. Megha thanked Romil and said that she really needed it. While she was drinking water, Romil told her that Deepak worked really hard and he deserved to be the captain. Megha replied that she wanted him to become her contender. That's when Romil asked her if that was it and if she didn't want him to win as well. Megha told Romil that she wants to show that the Marathi club is strong. Romil quickly flipped and asked her to finish the entire sipper of water. She was shocked and told him that she'll drink at her own pace. Romil told sanchalak Shivashish that if she can't finish it, then she will have to get down from the train. Megha felt strange but drank the water before the buzzer played.

4. Megha Is A Braveheart

Urvashi brought karela for Megha. Without much ado, Megha chewed on it and said that they are sweet. After that, Rohit brought chilli sauce for Megha. She drank it and coughed a little. Rohit told her that he could leave the captaincy but Megha asked him to let her finish and she did. She told the inmates that she will keep track of what they were doing to her right now.

5. Sreesanth Has A New Sister In The House

Dipika told Karanvir to talk directly to Sreesanth because she had already tried to make him talk to Karanvir. Karanvir told Megha that he overheard Sreesanth, her and Srishty talking about how they were miffed at him for eliminating Shivashish in the previous task. But what he failed to understand was that if Dipika and Srishty were still talking to him, why was Sreesanth being so adamant. Then Dipika told him about an incident that happened sometime in the afternoon. She said that they had all planned to support Somi but Sreesanth got upset and said he will support Deepak. That's when Jasleen started adding fuel to the fire. Karanvir told Dipika that this is because Jasleen is Sreesanth's sister now.

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