Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 18: Anup Ji & Jasleen Go On A Date Organised By Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 18: Anup Ji & Jasleen Go On A Date Organised By Bigg Boss!

After the ugly spat between the Khan sisters and Surbhi, I thought that things can’t get any worse. But well, Bigg Boss contestants have their way of surprising us.
The most unexpected people won the captaincy and some contestants were sent to jail. But the highlight of the show was Anup ji and Jasleen's date night.
If you want to know what all happened last night along with all the details about the date, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching episode 18.

1. Sreesanth thinks that Nehha is scared. God knows why!

2. Nehha has disqualified Somi because she was using two hands instead of one. Really?

3. Dipika feels that Nehha has been unfair. So do I.

4. The Khan sisters are crying. Of course!

5. Shivashish has given up. WHY? What a loser!

6. Romil and Surbhi are the new captains. I don't want to watch this show anymore.

7. Surbhi wants to send Saba and Somi to the jail. Obviously.

8. This morning alarm song is weird. That’s the only thing I look forward to. And now that's gone too.

9. Romil and Surbhi are fighting in the morning. What a jodi!

10. Sreesanth has nominated himself to go to jail. That's strange.

11. Nehha has nominated herself. What is happening?

12. Karanvir has also nominated himself. Are you kidding me?

13. Is this a strategy?

14. Jasleen holds a lot against Deepak. He's not that fun anymore.

15. Bigg Boss has decided to send Sreesanth, Nehha, and Karanvir to jail and also have nominated them for eviction. Serves them right for being over smart!

16. Captains didn’t count the votes properly. This is why the singles went to jail. Oh no!

17. Romil and Sreesanth are having a heated argument. Sreesanth is back!

18. This is getting ugly.

19. Sreesanth has apparently disrespected Surbhi. Did he spit at her?

20. Sreesanth wants to quit the show. AGAIN.

21. Sreesanth has locked himself in the washroom. Attention seeker.

22. Jasleen and Anup ji are singing I love you for each other. Fake love!

23. Bigg Boss has organised a date for Anup ji and Jasleen. Welcome to Dare to Date.

24. Who wears a lehenga for a date? It’s not their engagement ceremony.

25. Anup ji is trying to impress Jasleen. I think she should be making efforts after how she screwed up.

26. How can this become a dating show?

27. Anup ji and Jasleen are better actors than many in Bollywood. They’ve made us all believe that they’re in love.

28. Anup ji went down on his knees for her!


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