The High Of Highlighter! 3 Different Ways To Use A Single Product For NYE

The High Of Highlighter! 3 Different Ways To Use A Single Product For NYE

The year 2018 was all about one single product - the highlighter. It took over and how! It's that one makeup product that makes our cheekbones look chiseled, the bridge of our noses sharp and our lips look plump.

Even as we say goodbye to the year 2018, we're far from biding a farewell to this single miracle product. Highlighters in any form; cream, powder, sticks, bricks, jelly..we're holding onto to them all!

Not just an essential, beauty gurus around the world have shown us how versatile this product can be. If you thought that a highlighter is only meant to give you dewy, radiant skin, then you're mistaken. Here are some different ways that you can use your favorite highlighter.

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1. Metallic Lips

Highlighters are the easiest way to make your matte lipstick metallic. Just add a bit of jelly highlighter to your lipstick routine and you are set. Start by first priming your lips and then applying your favorite highlighter. Top this off with your preferred matte lipstick and voila you have a new metallic lipstick for this NYE!


Image Courtesy: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on Instagram

2. Shimmer Eyeshadow

Have to head out for an event right after work and don't have the right eyeshadow to make your eyes pop? Or do you want to make that smokey eye look more festive? You can do that without going the extra mile of investing in a new shimmer eyeshadow palette! Highlighters can be your saviors here. Just dab a bit of highlighter on your regular eyeshadow for that extra shimmery effect.


Image Courtesy: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

3. Glittery Foundation

Another way you can include highlighters in your beauty routine is by mixing a small amount of it in your foundation. This will give your face that instant glow which is more uniform and natural. You can also use this mixture on your collar bones or shoulder blades to make them pop.

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Image Courtesy: Sara Ali Khan on Instagram

If you are unsure of which highlighter you should buy, you can check a list of highlighters here!

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