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This Super-Easy Trick Can Transform Any Lipstick Into A Metallic One

This Super-Easy Trick Can Transform Any Lipstick Into A Metallic One

A woman who walks into a room with metallic lips is bound to turn heads! After all, what's not to love about this gorgeous lip trend? It's fun, loud and looks really cool when teamed with bright makeup. The only con to this trend is that metallic lipsticks are quite expensive. A good quality metallic lippie costs more than 500 bucks and picking them up in different shades can get addictive. If you've been there, done that (or still doing that) you might want to learn this beauty trick. It'll save you plenty of money and you'll be able to transform ANY lipstick into a metallic one in a jiffy. Here's how to ace this makeup trick like a pro!

Namrata soni metallic lipstick


Step 1: Apply a liquid matte lipstick.

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Step 2: You can either dab on some powdered highlighter on top of your lipstick or scrape a bit of highlighter powder and mix it with petroleum jelly and then apply it.

Make sure you dab on the highlighter when the lipstick is wet and hasn't settled in.  

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And THAT is how you do a metallic lip in less than 60 seconds! Good luck. 

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