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8 Golden Globes Nominated Movies You Should Binge Watch This Weekend!

8 Golden Globes Nominated Movies You Should Binge Watch This Weekend!

If you're a movie buff (and that's probably why you're here) then you already know that The Golden Globes 2018 is all set to premiere on 8th of January. And how can you watch the premiere without knowing everything about all the nominated movies, right? We made a list of movies you can watch this weekend, just to prep yourself up for the awards. From endearing romances to shattering biopics and cult films, there is something for everybody in this year's nominated movies. So who's up for a movie marathon?

1. The Shape Of Water 

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The love story with a heart of gold, this trailer is endearing enough to get your curiosity spiking and force you to pick sides. An underwater romance with a twist and hopefully a happy ending. 

2. The Post 

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Based on a true story, this movie has Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in roles that will leave you waiting for more. The movie revolves around The Washington Post's journey of exposing a massive government cover-up while jeopardizing the newspaper's reputation. 

3. Call Me By Your Name

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Based on a novel by André Aciman, this movie is hands down the most romantic and heartbreaking film to hit the screens this year. It'll take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and leave you in a pool of your tears. 

4. The Greatest Showman 

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A musical that will win you over, this one is all about making your unimaginable dreams come true. The Greatest Showman captures every artist's struggle and perseverance in this honest account, with songs that get stuck in your head. 

5. Lady Bird

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Opinionated, strong-willed and infuriating, Lady Bird is the story of a teenager making her way through life with a hard working mother who couldn't understand her better than she does. Backed by a great soundtrack, every girl needs to give this movie a watch. 

6. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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An unapologetic movie about a frustrated mother and her fight against the law, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a simple film with deep character and a fearless attitude. 

7. I, Tonya

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A hard-hitting biopic of a figure skater who loses grip over the years, because of her circumstances, including a difficult childhood and an overbearing mother. Painfully honest, this movie cannot be skipped.

8. The Disaster Artist 

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Based on Greg Sestero’s best-selling tell-all movie about the making of Tommy Wiseau's cult-classic 'disasterpiece' The Room (“The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made”), this movie has Dave and James Franco giving us great performances. 

So what's holding you back? Catch the best of the year and pick your favourites already. 

Published on Jan 5, 2018
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