There's A Shocking Twist In Kasautii Zindagii Kay & We Know What Ekta Kapoor Is Planning Next

There's A Shocking Twist In Kasautii Zindagii Kay & We Know What Ekta Kapoor Is Planning Next

Kasautii Zindagii Kay has been quite a rollercoaster ride ever since it began, with Prerna agreeing to tie the knot with Naveen after being blackmailed by Mohini Basu. Then came Komolika, and we expected her to drive a wedge between Prerna and Anurag Basu's budding friendship. But sadly, Hina Khan, the actress playing this iconic character, was offered a Bollywood movie and the makers decided to put this twist on pause. Lucky her! Since then, 56 episodes have gone by and nothing eventful happened, apart from the two leads constantly friend-zoning each other and Naveen Basu turning from a grey to a completely negative character. 

However, sabar ka phal meetha hota hai and Ekta Kapoor has given us a classic twist after a three-month-long wait. Someone is finally getting murdered in a 'planned' accident. Now, I don't mean to sound insensitive, but Ekta Kapoor does make it seem like a frivolous and easy task. 

After Naveen, Prerna's fiance, sex-trafficker and part-time actor (because everything about him is fake) finds out that Anurag has got a hold on his original marriage certificate in which it is clearly stated that he is married to Madhuri (the lady pretending to be his bhabhi), all hell breaks loose. 




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Naveen casually decides to murder Anurag, stating nobody messes with the 'sher' because sher toh shikar karta hai. Sheesh, such an overused metaphor. Madhuri actually used the dialogue, 'Mujhe ghabraat ho rahi hai. Kyunki humne kabhi kisi ko aise maara nahi hai,' really? Well, maybe then you should reconsider this decision!

While I did spend most of my week shaking my head whenever Naveen and Madhuri opened their mouths to speak, they were successful. Not in killing Anurag Basu, but landing him in the hospital.  




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According to all the pre-episode pictures making rounds on the internet, the preparations for Naveen and Prerna's wedding are still going to take place. Prerna and Naveen will also make it to the mandap! However, there is another twist in our wake! Does Anurag switch the brides? Of course, he does. Most likely, he got Madhuri to marry Naveen and Prerna is locked in a room somewhere.

We'll see if we're right in our prediction this week.

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