Is Your Gym Shut? Deepika Padukone Teaches Us How To Workout Our Facial Muscles Instead!

Is Your Gym Shut? Deepika Padukone Teaches Us How To Workout Our Facial Muscles Instead!

There are two types of people in the world reacting to social isolation right now - one, who HATE the idea of it and two, who found a way to live with it. Bollywood ladies, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone fall in the latter category. While Kareena is busy clicking selfies with her food, Katrina is working out on her terrace, Alia Bhatt is playing board games, and Deepika, on the other hand, took the Marie Kondo route on her first day of house arrest. Here's a picture of her doing some wardrobe cleaning.

Pretty neat, right? She later posted another picture that has a caption that's similar to yesterday's IG post. She captioned it as 'Season 1;Episode 2'. It appears to be a social media pet project of her taking her followers through her day during self-quarantine. Episode 2 involves self-care ft. a face roller! 

Deepika is already blessed with fantabulous skin, but that does not stop her from showering it with more love and attention. While jade rollers and gua sha stones are popular skincare tools today, Deepika is spotted using a metal roller (which is comparatively more affordable than the other two). A metal roller like this one works best when chilled. It doesn't require electricity to run and its tiny size makes it super easy to fit into your skincare pouch. 

Skin Care

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5 Benefits of Using A Facial Roller

Grab a notebook, will you?

1. It Makes Your Skin Smooth

A cool fact: Your face has 42 muscles. Each time you squint, smile, raise your brows and pout, you stretch your skin. A facial roller like this one not only relaxes facial muscles but also prevents wrinkles from forming. 

2. The Glow Is Back

When you run over your skin with a cold face roller, it not only feels heavenly but also increases blood circulation. When this happens expect your cheeks to have this lovely, rosy flush of colour. Don't just use it on your cheeks, but also on your neck to prevent toxin buildup. 

3. Works As A Good Team Player


Serums, facial oils, sheet mask product, gel moisturiser, the facial roller does a fab job at working them into your skin. 

4. It's A 100% Safe

You never have to worry about parabens, harmful chemicals and sulphates clogging your pores because the facial roller isn't made from any of that. Although, you must keep in mind that your skin is moisturised and not dry or else the metal face roller might cause skin irritation.

Hydrating Face Combo

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5. It Prevents Puffiness

Morning eye puffiness is common when you don't get enough sleep. A face roller takes care of that by de-puffing and firming your skin.

Did DP just inspire you to focus on skincare? We're not surprised!

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