Catch Up On Zzz's: 6 Tiny Changes To Ensure You Get The Best (Beauty) Sleep

Catch Up On Zzz's: 6 Tiny Changes To Ensure You Get The Best (Beauty) Sleep
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With cellphones beeping 24/7 and Netflix stealing away our Zzz's, getting a good night's rest may seem like a thing from the past. Not if you let it though. While lack of sleep takes a blow on your productivity, it doesn't spare your skin either. Not getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night can cause your skin to look dull, tired and breakout! Not to forget, those gorgeous dark rings under your eyes *tragic*. While we suggest that you put your devices aside one hour before going to bed and listen to soft music until you fall asleep, you should also be taking some necessary beauty measure to ensure a pleasant slumber.

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6 Tiny Things To Do To Get The Best Beauty Sleep Ever

Remember, self-care = self-love!

Show Those Lips Some Tender Love

Smooth, hydrated, pillow-soft lips should be a beauty goal. While most of us have a skincare routine in place, we often forget about showing our lips the same affection. For extremely dry and chapped lips, a basic lip balm won't make the cut. You need something with a thicker texture (Hinting at a lip mask) With a lip mask on, you'll never have to wake up in the middle of the night with bleeding, cracked lips - it takes care of you. Invest in one that's rich in berries, Vitamin C and antioxidants for a delicious pout.

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Treat Those Dark Circles

One of the first ways to tell if someone is sleep deprived or not is to see whether they have dark circles and puffy eyes. This indicates that their undereye area is tired and needs some pampering ASAP. To calm the area down, they should either put on an ice eye mask or put on hydrogel eye patches under their eyes. The one we've recommended below contains botanical collagen and peptides that help to rejuvenate and rehydrate the delicate thin undereye skin. 

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Sleep On Satin Pillows

Sleeping on satin pillows will not just make your skin happy, but your locks happy too! Taking your skin into consideration, satin is a smooth material that's gentle on the skin. You will experience no wrinkles, breakouts or acne if you pick satin over cotton. Plus, it helps to reduce the friction between hair and skin resulting in less hair breakage. With these two beauty distractions out of sight and out of mind, good sleep is bound to follow. 

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Use A Pillow Mist

Did you want else can promote good sleep? A pillow mist, of course! No need to buy one, we'll teach you how to make one from scratch. Aromatherapy, here we come!

Moisturise Your Skin

Yes, getting enough of sleep does ensure that you wake up to cleaner and fresher skin, but that's not enough. Before hitting the sack, you must follow a skincare routine. Even if it's a basic one. Start with cleansing, toning and moisturising and gradually move on to using products such as serums, sheet masks and eye creams. These products will provide your skin with nourishment, hydration and moisturisation which help you to get better skin.

Go For A Warm Bath


A warm bath will surely ensure good sleep. As it lowers your blood sugar level, it also relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation. You should spend no more than 10-15 minutes in the shower or else it can dry your skin out and make you feel dizzy. If you have a tub, add bath salts into the water to make it an even more enriching experience.


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Have a cosy, peaceful slumber y'all!

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