‘I Would Break Up My Relationship If…’ 7 People Confess!

‘I Would Break Up My Relationship If…’ 7 People Confess!

We all love being in a relationship but there are always a few things about the other person that annoy us a bit. While for some people it could be something as mundane as a hair color, for others it could be as intense as professional goals. We found 7 people who confessed on Reddit about the biggest deal-breakers for them in a relationship and you might seriously relate to some of the answers. Read on to find out what they shared!

1. The one who can’t take cheating!

Rambis answers on Reddit: Cheating. Without a doubt, cheating is an end-all for me.

1 deal breaker in a relationship

2. The one who doesn’t like to complicate things!

Kru5h answers on Reddit: Jealousy and desperation for affection/commitment.

3. The one who doesn’t want a social media addict!

Userax answers on Reddit: If she spends too much time texting or using facebook.

7 deal breaker ina  relationship

4. The one who hates smoking!

Erinshelly answers on Reddit: Smoking. Can't stand it.

5. The one who doesn't like being ignored!

Tgeliot answers on Reddit: Disrespectful behavior, e.g. failing to call when promised, ignoring reasonable voice mails.

5 deal breake rin a relationship

6. The one who doesn’t want to be with someone who isn’t career oriented…

Ephemeron0 answers on Reddit: No professional ambition.

7. The one who’s not a fan of too much family drama!

3 deal breaker in a relationship

CUNexTuesday answers on Reddit: Don't ever underestimate crazy family that comes with the s.o. Having to put up with someone's emotionally disturbed family is a deal breaker sadly.

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These were so real - and kinda funny too!

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