Watch Out Kendall! Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Just Won Fashion Week

Watch Out Kendall! Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Just Won Fashion Week

Fresh off the Calvin Klein NYFW runway, Kaia Gerber, a model and Cindy Crawford’s daughter is the next big face in modeling world after Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters. They’ve had their moments and now, it’s time for Kaia to take over.

When your mother is one of the biggest supermodels of all times, your natural choice is to nail that walk. Kaia did exactly that. For the past few years, she’s been a part of various ad campaigns, fashion parties and has been sitting front row at fashion shows and observing and finally, she’s here.

She recently made her runway debut in Calvin Klein’s Spring 2018 collection.


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FYI - they look identical! It’s like Cindy Crawford gave birth to Cindy Crawford (Kaia Gerber) and we are loving this ‘90s moment here when Cindy was lit on the ramp. Every parent’s dream is to see their child’s success, we can only imagine the look on Cindy’s face when she saw Kaia slaying the stage.


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The 16-year-old was cast by the designer Raf Simons and life has literally come full circle for this mother-daughter duo. Because if you remember, Cindy Crawford’s career was also kick-started by Calvin Klein back in the '90s. And they both aced it.

Did Kaia get some pre-show advice on how to make the best of those few seconds in limelight? Or it’s in her genes? We don’t know yet but we sure know that she is about to become one of the most talked about face of the year!


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Kaia was outfitted in a black-and-white button-down shirt paired with slouchy canary yellow trousers for Calvin Klein. Then, she went on to open Alexander Wang show in an all-white-dress. And later, she joined Rihanna’s Puma X Fenty show.

She also walked for Coach, in a glittery skirt and brown leather jacket.

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