Chrissy Teigen's Pandemic- Era Beauty Hack Is Kinda Genius & We Can't Wait To Try It Out!

Chrissy Teigen's Pandemic- Era Beauty Hack Is Kinda Genius & We Can't Wait To Try It Out!

While we’re thankful that 2020 is over, the pandemic isn’t and face masks continue to be a priority. This, of course, means bad news for those of us who are prone to breakouts and blackheads. But to make you feel less alone, we're here to tell you that maskne happens to us all, even celebrities. Yes, there are a few famous names who are also facing the same issue, one of them is supermodel, Chrissy Teigen.

But unlike other celebs, Chrissy is helping out her fellow maskne-prone peeps by revealing her secret to taking care of her skin even under the mask. While it’s not a hack to get rid of pimples, it does help lessen the steps in your skincare routine, and it saves you time.

Chrissy Teigen took to social media to show off her genius skincare trick by making good use of the face mask. Keep on reading to find out what it is and why you will love wearing a face mask after reading this.

Nose-Strip Under The Face Mask

Chrissy Teigen has always shared her life with fans, even her most personal moments, so it was no surprise when she revealed her little face mask trick. Chrissy confessed to sticking on a nose strip before putting on the mask and we must say the reason is genius.

Chrissy took to Instagram to share an adorable family pic where she is seen wearing her nose strip under her mask while she captioned the image, "Lifehack: nose strip under your mask. Keep safe AND get those rent-free blackheads out."

If you are too lazy to go through all your skincare steps, then this is perfect for you. As we all know nose strips are useful in removing blackheads, dead skin cells, excess oil or debris that has settled on the skin and even minimize the appearance of pores, so instead of taking time out of your day to use these strips or trying to figure out how and when to incorporate them into your skincare routine, why not stick them under your mask while you go out to run errands.


How Do They Work?

Pore strips are made from a woven material that’s coated with an adhesive which helps them stick to the skin. After applying the pore strip on the skin, it dries within 15 to 20 minutes. When it does, that means it's time to remove it and on doing so, it automatically pulls out all the nasties that settled on your skin with it. 


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Go on and give this skincare hack a try.

Featured Image: Instagram