#BraStruggles: 7 Confessions That’ll Make Every Girl Go SO True!

#BraStruggles: 7 Confessions That’ll Make Every Girl Go SO True!

Wearing a bra every day is NOT easy and we all know that. Those marks, that wire and the awkward fitting - it’s all a pain. We walk around wearing that pretty looking thing all day long and make it look effortless but it isn’t. Every girl knows the struggle by heart. These bra issues are an everyday story for us. So here’s a dose of laughter for every girl. These hilarious bra confessions from Whisper will make you go so true. Lovely ladies, laugh till your bra pops open!

1. Every. F***ing. Day!

1 bra confessions

2. Agreed!

2 bra confessions

3. Underwire, why you do this?

3 bra confessions

4. True story!

4 bra confessions

5. We don’t even make efforts to look for it anymore…

5 bra confessions

6. We feel you!

6 bra confessions

7. That is the best!

7 bra confessions

You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

These are so true!