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This Boyfriend Application Form Is What Every Single Girl Needs!

This Boyfriend Application Form Is What Every Single Girl Needs!

I was scouting the internet for interesting pieces of tit-bit information with a mug of hot chocolate and Ed Sheeran playing in the background. And suddenly the sky parted (in my case, my cieling of fairy lights) and the Gods of love began to shine on me! Most of us know how awkward first dates can be, asking each other the same old generic questions till you run out of things to talk about. Well, I found a solution and IT IS PERFECT!

01 Boyfriend application form

A boyfriend application form, designed by Brody Vercher (Don’t know why but I’m eternally grateful). It’s a three page detailed form that gives ALL the information you need about a guy to determine your compatibility. I’m not saying that it’s a foolproof plan but I’d rather know if he has cheated in his past, dated prettier girls, has a source of income or likes the same kind of music I do? I mean, yeah some points in it are over the top (you can always give the boy the freedom to skip a few questions that make him uncomfortable.) But overall, I think it’s rather effective! I even went ahead and put it up on my Twitter and though, I’m currently looking through responses, I’m excited getting it filled by a boy I decide to date in the future!

02 boyfriend application form

Download the classic boyfriend application form here.

If you do manage to find one (courtesy: the boyfriend application form), here are a few things you should get him: Button Down Shirt (Rs 1,399), Crew Neck T-Shirt (Rs 399), Black Hoodie (Rs 4,999) which you’ll steal later, Comfy Camo Joggers (Rs 1,499) and old school White Sneakers (Rs 999).

Already seeing someone? Get your boyfriend to fill one today, maybe you’ll learn something new about him!

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