Gulab Jamun Pizza To Kurkure Milkshake: Weird Food Combos That Are Crushing Our Soul

Gulab Jamun Pizza To Kurkure Milkshake: Weird Food Combos That Are Crushing Our Soul

We're all for embracing new things. But, there are some extremely crazy mishmashes doing the rounds on the Internet RN (which sure aren't edible at all). Actually, forget edible, these food combinations shouldn't even touch each other on a plate. After Milk Maggi gave us nightmares for days, it was Gulab Jamun Pizza that had us nauseating. Well, it doesn't end there- we now have Kurkure Milkshake going viral on the internet. Yes, you read that, right! Guys, the horror has unfolded. 

We have compiled a list of all the oddball food combos that debuted on the Internet recently.

A word of caution: cringeworthy content ahead.  

Kaju Katli With Ketchup

Here is another combination that I would even dread looking at. Kaju Katli is popularly referred to as ‘the king of sweets’ in India and someone has just spoiled its taste for me by dipping it into tomato sauce. Yes, this person was actually HAVING kaju katli with ketchup. The person who shared it on twitter could herself not stand the sight and wrote, "OMG! Saw this on a friend’s IG story, I'm uncontrollably shaking.” Well, so are all of us!

Netizens Ask, 'Kaun Hain Ye Log?'

As expected, people expressed their disappointment on the ketchup and dessert mix. There was a sea of memes, and no amount of jokes can take away from how serious a crime this is. NO KIDDING, guys. Making such yuck food combos should be declared an offense.

Gulab Jamun Pizza That's Hurting Our Eyes & Soul

This one is definitely making me feel sick in the stomach. Someone recently experimented with my go-to comfort food and it has made me feel extremely uncomfortable instead. Would you ever imagine spoiling your thin-crust pizza with the juiciest dessert ever, 'gulab jamuns'?To add to the disgust, the pizza has also been topped- not with oregano but with dry fruits and edible flower petals instead.

'I Wanna File A Report', Declare Angry Netizens

Kurkure Milkshake! Seriously?

We all love our thick milkshakes with ice-cream or dark chocolate. But, Twitter has again come to our disappointment by posting what our eyes would never want to see- Kurkure Milkshake. Yes, you read that right. There does exist a person on the planet who is ruining the taste of both Kurkure and milkshake for us.

Numerous foodies like us have been left disappointed and people aren't quite happy with this shake killing their foodgasm. While the mere sight of this shake is making us go 'yuck', fellow foodies on twitter were taken aback with this disgusting dish.

Twitter Says, 'Gunaah Hai Ye'

Milk Maggi That I'd Never Dare Taste

Now, who doesn't like the taste of spicy, masala Maggi that is nothing but a treat to our tastebuds? From when we were school going kids to us becoming corporate slaves, one dish that has never left our side is Maggi. But, hold on! Someone has dared to make a bizzare food combo that involves Maggi. Kaun hai yeh log? A video that went viral a few days ago had a woman preparing sweet Maggi by putting milk in it instead of the famous masala. Why bhagwan, why? This video infuriated millions of people. While many wrote that they won't be able to eat Maggi for a month after looking at the video, others called milk Maggi 'shit'.

Netizens Cry, 'Ye Kya Ho Gaya?'

Cereal With Ketchup & No Milk!

I, along with 99% of people on this planet, always thought that cereal along with milk makes for a perfect breakfast. But, this tweet is making us go 'cheeeee...' and we just can't bear the sight of this disturbing combo.

'Disgusting', Says Twitter

Waffles + Ketchup = DISGUSTING

Personally, I love waffles. A bad day can turn into a perfect one at the sight of my favourite nutella waffle. But, this combo that I stumbled upon on Instagram is disturbing indeed. I can definitely not eat waffles for a long time now. Waffles and ketchup, are you kidding me?

'This Looks Sick'


Well, all of these ingredients are perfectly appropriate on their own. But, when you put them together, you've got yourself a meal I wouldn't feed to my worst enemy. BRB, going for eye-cleanse RN!

Featured Image: Twitter

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