Only A True Bigg Boss Fan Can Guess These Iconic Dialogues By The Famous Gharwalas

Only A True Bigg Boss Fan Can Guess These Iconic Dialogues By The Famous Gharwalas

Bigg Boss 14 is in its third week and we have already seen some pretty intense fights and tasks. Interestingly, we are witnessing some budding love stories too (read: Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya/ Jaan Kumar Sanu). But, what we are still waiting for, are some iconic dialogues from the contestants! Come on housemates, give us some fodder memes! 

Every year, Bigg Boss contestants give us some epic lines that become cult dialogues! Bigg Boss 13 was so full of one-liners that we still have enough memes in our stock. From Mahira Sharma’s never-ending maslas to Shehnaaz Gill’s very authentic and relatable aag lage inn exo ko - we love it all! 

The real essence of Bigg Boss lies truly in these impromptu dialogues and if you know what we mean, you are at the right place. If you have watched every episode of every season of Bigg Boss (just like Hina Khan ;)), then this quiz is meant for you!

Take This Ultimate 'Bigg Boss' Quiz & Guess Who Said These Iconic Dialogues!

P.S. It’s harder than you think and we bet by the end of this challenge, you will end up all nostalgic! So, go ahead and take the quiz - you know you’re asking for it... you are dying for it!

1. “Zindgi Jhandwa, Phir Bhi Ghamandwa”

Believe it or not, this iconic dialogue was said in the very first season of Bigg Boss! 14 years later, we still cannot beat the swag of this phrase. 

 Hint: It was said by one of the most famous Bhojpuri film personalities.

2. “Get Off My Back”

If you are not living under a rock, then you’d know that this epic dialogue took over social media by a storm! From international Tik-Tok celebs to Bollywood divas like Nora Fatehi, everyone wants to say just this: get off, my back! But, who said it originally in Bigg Boss?

3. “Pooja, What Is This Behavior?”

Okay, so you might know who kicked it by mistake but do you remember who was asking for it and dying for it? Come on, try a little harder!

4. “Talk To The Wall”

Her unbeatable fashion sense was not the only thing she was famous for in the house. She had some pretty sassy lines as well. You may remember her, even if she forgot most of the things she said (maine kab bola??).

Hint: You’re watching her in the current Bigg Boss season as well!

5. “Tuada Kutta Tommy, Sada Kutta Kutta”

She taught her audience a lot of things. For instance, the opposite of characterless is character-more. So, when you sit down to watch Punjab ki Katrina, you better keep your notepad handy 'coz she always needs your complete attention!

6. “You Are 2 Rupees Person!”

Bigg Boss had nishkaasit (expelled) him quite early from the house (thank god for that), but he gave us this pretty funny dialogue before leaving. You know him, he is the film critic we never listen to!

7. “Time Out!”


Another fashion icon of BB house who made the contestants’ lives a living nightmare. All was good and fun until this runner-up said “time out” to Salman Khan himself. All hell broke loose that day!

8. “Main Bigg Boss Ki Imran Hashmi Hoon”

She gave India a unique style to use brooms. All you have to do is, never bend, never work, and never listen to what others are saying. 

Hint: She was one of the singers of ‘We love, we love, Gauti’!

9. “Baap Pe Matt Jana”


Okay, so you think only the egg that Kylie Jenner posted on ‘Gram is famous? Think again because we had a whole episode in Bigg Boss 4 dedicated to eggs. Manoj Tiwari made the silly error of wanting to eat eggs and saying kitchen kisi ke baap ka nahi hai. Well, the rest is history.

10. “Badi Badi Baatein Aur Vada Pav Khate”

This contestant was known for being a complete entertainer and also for falling hard and fast for his Khan Saab. The same Khan Saab who has left every Bigg Boss 14 contestant mesmerised. Ring any bells?

11. “Na Tere Aane Ki Khushi Na Tere Jaane Ka Gham; Bhaad Mein Ja, Tera Kissa Khatam”


Life would be so much easier if people moved on from toxic relationships by saying just this! This sanskaari playboy had quite a few tricks up his sleeve and we enjoyed all of it. We hope you remember him. He’s “abracadabra, main hoon…”

12. “Awaam Sab Dekh Raha Hai”

While the gharwalas flaunted their designers nightsuits and dresses, this unapologetic diva rocked the trend of nightgowns aka desi nighties. While she seemed a little off-track in the beginning, she proved to be one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss 11.

13. “Akela Hoon, Kush Hoon. Akele Se Ph**ti Hai Tum Sab Ki”

You hated him, you loved him, but you couldn’t ignore him. If one man army had a face, then it would be the face of this one contestant. We really don’t think he needs any more introduction, he rocked it then, he’s rocking it now!

14. “Disappear, Just Disappear”

Even Amitabh Bachchan, who was hosting Bigg Boss 3 back then, was impressed with this diva’s calm comeback. She entered the house with her husband but marked her own personality at every step. Also, now you know what you have to say when that ex calls again - disappear, just disappear! We hope you know whom to thank!

15. “Mujhe Mera Makeup Chahiye”

This was such a game changer in Bigg Boss 8! This contestant was hell-bent on getting her makeup back, even if it meant her friends would suffer (Ouch!!). Her constant demand for her makeup became one of the biggest highlights of the season. Well, the lady knew her priorities from the start! Any guesses?

Here are your answers -

1. Ravi Kishan
2. Pooja Missra
3. Shonali Nagrani
4. Hina Khan
5. Shehnaaz Gill
6. Kamaal R Khan
7. Imam A Siddique
8. Sonali Raut
9. Dolly Bindra
10. Ajaz Khan
11. Sidharth Shukla
12. Arshi Khan
13. Sidharth Shukla
14. Tanaaz Irani
15. Karishma Tanna 

If you guessed more than 12 answers correctly in this ultimate Bigg Boss quiz, then congratulations, you really are a true Bigg Boss fan and for that, Bigg Boss aapki saraahna karte hai. Hope you enjoyed the challenge and until next time, do whatever you want to do man but don’t trouble your mother… or father!

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