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*This* Is The One Thing Hina Khan Is Actually Good At!

*This* Is The One Thing Hina Khan Is Actually Good At!

Admit it, you want to know what’s happening Bigg Boss ke ghar mein more than Trump’s latest Twitter escapades. The last time we talked, I’m sorry, religiously expressed our thoughts about Hina Khan, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Her transformation from Akshara to whatever character she is in real-life was an eye opener for most of us. But we have found one thing that we actually like about the TV actress. If not the finale, she sure will win your heart for her fashion sense and style. Here are 10 proofs:

1. Aww-dorable Night Suits!


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A comfy bed, a cosy blanket and a cute PJ are what we need for a good night’s sleep. Get your hands on these oh-so-pretty Sheep Pyjama Bottoms (Rs 599) from Nite Flite right away.

2. Dungaree To Die For!


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Frayed hemline, contrasting floral print and an ivory white colour, these Dungaree (Rs 5,700) from Label.N is what our summer is going to look like - serene yet sexy. Pair it with a red cami top and matching tie-up flats to complete your look.

3. Dress To Impress


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What makes a simple dress look not-so-simple is a statement sleeve and a statement hemline on it. The white pleats on this navy-blue dress is what will make you a hit at the office!

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4. The Ruffle Truffle!


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Off-shoulder is probably the most loved trend of the season (and for all the right reasons.) That, when combined with pretty ruffles, makes a casual day a great #OOTD day!

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5. Sexy In Stripes


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How great did Hina look in this striped jumpsuit on the show! A high-top bun, white sneakers, and this Tie-up Choker Necklace (Rs 500) by Oomph is all she needed to jazz up her outfit.

6. Raging In Red


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Who doesn’t love a touch of the dramatic in their sleeves? We found Hina’s Rust Off Shoulder Top (Rs 3,540) by For Example for you. Flaunt the boho babe that you are with this flared number.

7. Some Ear Candy!


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These gold-toned jhumkas (Rs 7,900) by Firdaus have Diwali written all over them. We love the play of green beads and white pearls just as much as anarkali with fresh gajras.

8. Choker Goals AF!


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There are two fashion trends in this photo that we’ve religiously obsessed over in the past - chokers and the colour mustard. This colourful Tassel Choker (Rs 1,045) by Bello Fox is such a statement maker. Hurry, it’s selling fast!

9. Oh-Symmetry!


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There’s something earthy and ethereal about subtle blues and soft prints that just can’t be explained in words. Buy Hina’s Uneven Flared Dress (Rs 4,400) by Baise Gaba and welcome the summer in style.

10. Earrings - Check!


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If you love the checkered pattern as much as we do, then you must check out Accessories by Riya and get yourself a pair for some quirky feels.

Who are you putting your bets on? Do you think Hina Khan will (or should) win? Share it with a Hina Khan lover/hater to make/ruin their day!

Published on Jan 13, 2018
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