Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 77: Deepak & Rohit Steal Ration From The Kitchen

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 77: Deepak & Rohit Steal Ration From The Kitchen

Last night's episode was probably the first ever in this season that I kept putting on mute after every five minutes. EVERYONE fought in the Bigg Boss house. There were buck-passing, name calling and incessant yelling. Sreesanth and Surbhi's fight got uglier. Megha and Jasleen had a massive war of words with Deepak and Rohit, and Romil and Somi too decided to fight the very same day.

In case you missed all the fights and drama last night, we have the highlights for you. Read on to find out.

Rohit & Deepak Stole Ration From The Kitchen

Sreesanth and Dipika were in the kitchen looking for the box of sugar to make tea. That's when they realised that Deepak and Rohit had stolen ration from the kitchen. Megha came there looking for sugar and Dipika told her that Karanvir had hidden them in the plant jar. Karanvir went to Deepak and Rohit and asked them to hide the sugar in his shoes. They stole sugar from the kitchen and kept it in Karanvir's shoe box.

Sreesanth Opened Up To Romil

Sreesanth and Romil were seen having a conversation. Romil asked Sreesanth why he called Surbhi 'characterless'. Sreesanth explained to Romil that it was unintentional and he didn't mean to stoop that low. Romil also questioned him for his comment on Surbhi's personal life and Sreesanth said that she also passed comments on his personal life, so he only reacted to her.

Sreesanth Half-Heartedly Apologised To Surbhi

Dipika and Romil were trying their best to calm Sreesanth down and make him realise his mistake. They told him to apologise to Surbhi for all the wrong things he's said to her. Sreesanth kept arguing with the two telling that he isn't a dog and doesn't want to give any attention to Surbhi. After a push from Romil and Dipika, Sreesanth finally walked up to Surbhi, apologised and left angrily. Karanvir, who was standing right there, immediately said that Sreesanth apologised for the sake of it. Dipika ran behind Sreesanth and schooled him for being aggressive and not apologising properly. Sreesanth told her that Surbhi hasn't apologised either. He also said that just because she's a girl and she's crying doesn't mean that he should be the one saying sorry first.

Jasleen & Megha Fought With Deepak & Rohit

In the kitchen, Rohit was wasting sugar. Megha walked up to him and told him not to do it. Jasleen joined the conversation and requested Rohit to not waste any more sugar. Megha lost her cool and called them mannerless monkeys. Rohit and Deepak kept laughing at Megha and Jasleen. Megha told the two boys that she will beat them up if they don't stop acting stupid. The argument got ugly and everyone started yelling at each other. By the end of this spat, Jasleen broke down and started crying.

Romil & Somi Broke Their Friendship

Romil went up to Somi and told her that he and she should end their friendship in an amicable way as he somewhere felt that he didn't deserve to talk to her. She told him that she felt emotionally tortured and hurt after she got to know that he had been talking behind her back. Romil told her that she didn't have to compromise her self-respect and should stop talking to him. 

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