Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 74: Sreesanth Calls Surbhi 'Characterless'

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 74: Sreesanth Calls Surbhi 'Characterless'

The entire week was filled will contestants' incompetency to perform well in the tasks assigned to them and their failure to complete any task. The fighting, yelling and name-calling, of course, remains consistent. The atmosphere at the Bigg Boss house is becoming very negative. There's no Happy Club and no brother-sister relationships left in the house.

Last night, Bigg Boss changed the rules of the captaincy task and asked contestants to nominate three housemates to go to the Kaalkothri. In case you missed all the drama that happened last night, we have the highlights for you. Read on to find out!

Bigg Boss Changed The Rules Of The Captaincy Task

Contestants were so adamant and determined that no one moved from their spot. They kept guarding the swords. In fact, Rohit had peed in a sipper because he didn't want to move from his position. So, Bigg Boss changed the rules of the game and announced that buzzers were going to be played in intervals. At every buzzer, one contestant had to leave the sword somehow. The decision about who had to leave was taken by mutual consent. The inmates kept fighting and no one became the captain of the house.

Sreesanth Called Surbhi 'Characterless'

Surbhi kept taunting Sreesanth and calling him a coward for crying over a slap he got from Harbhajan Singh. She kept instigating Sreesanth by passing comments on his career and behaviour. Sreesanth went up to Rohit and told him that Surbhi must stay in her limits and stop talking nonsense only for the show. Rohit agreed with Sreesanth but Surbhi didn't stop irritating Sreesanth. She provoked him so much that he ended up calling her "characterless." Dipika got mad at Sreesanth for saying such a terrible thing to a woman and told him that she wouldn't stand by him if he doesn't stop behaving like this.

Three contestants Went To The Kaalkothri

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to mutually decide and give names of three contestants who they want to send to the Kaalkothri. After numerous fights and yelling, the contestants nominated Deepak, Surbhi, and Sreesanth to be sent to jail.

Sreesanth Was Released From The Kaalkothri

Bigg Boss gave the housemates a chance to rescue one contestant from the Kaalkothri. As part of the task, there were three locked boxes kept with the keys of the Kaalkothri and there were ice slabs kept in the garden area. These ice slabs had the box with the Kallkothri's key. The contestants had to sit on the ice slab and convince other housemates to help them break the ice and take the key to release whichever contestants they were supporting from the jail. Dipika won the task and rescued Sreesanth.

Megha Was Given A Secret Task

In the evening, Bigg Boss asked Megha to come to the confession room and gave a secret task. She had to convince the housemates that there was a spirit in the house and no one must get to know that it's a task. Megha put lemon with red chilli powder in different corners of the house. At night, Megha ran to Jasleen's bed and told her that someone pushed her and she feels that the house is haunted. Jasleen went to the washroom and found a lemon with red chilli on it. She got scared to death!

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