11 Harry Potter Spells Fashion Girls Could Use For All Their Muggle Struggles

11 Harry Potter Spells Fashion Girls Could Use For All Their Muggle Struggles

Yes, the exhaustive list of spells part of the Harry Potter world was largely used to ward off life-threatening evil... but imagine if you could use magic to rid your life of measly day-to-day fashion struggles. Wouldn't it be just brilliant? 

On the birthday of Harry Potter and his creator, J.K. Rowling (Happy birthday, goddess!) we're celebrating the magnificent wizarding world, fashion girl fangirl style. So, here are 10 magic spells, courtesy of the Harry Potter novels, that would make our lives much easier by helping us deal with our everyday fashion problems: 

1. Alohomora (al-LOH-ha-MOHR-ah)

1 harry potter fashion struggle

When you need to borrow your sister's bag but she's locked it in her closet. 

2. Accio (AK-ee-oh)

To summon that one sock that disappeared months back but you can't get over it.

3. Avada Kedavra (ah-VAH-dah keh-DAV-rah) 

3 harry potter fashion struggle

We know it's 'unforgivable' but not when you want trends like 'cold-shoulder' to disappear from the face of the earth. 

4. Apparate (aa-puh-ray-t)

So you can skip the fitting room queue at Zara everytime, especially during sales... you know it's true.

5. Expecto Patronum (ecks-PECK-toh pah-TROH-num)5 harry potter fashion struggle

To shoo the dementors aka haters, who majorly cramp your style, away.

6. Expelliarmus (ex-PELL-ee-ARE-muss)

When someone grabs onto the sale top you love and it's the last one in your size. 

7. Obliviate (oh-BLI-vee-ate)

7 harry potter fashion struggle

To wipe the memory of you wearing that hideous skirt that one time from all the witness' minds. Fair enough, no?

8. Imperio (im-PEER-ee-oh)

So you can charm your boyfriend into gifting you that Gucci bag instead of what 'you need'.

9. Reparo (reh-PAH-roh)

9 harry potter fashion struggle

Obvs, to put all those exquisite pairs of heels, that broke on drunken nights, together.

10. Riddikulus (rih-dih-KUL-lus)

To turn all your outdated and ugly gladiators into on-trend mules, duh!

11. Wingardium Leviosa (win-GAR-dee-um lev-ee-OH-sa)

11 harry potter fashion struggle

You need this spell for, you know, when you're going off-the-shoulder and your strapless bra just doesn't do the job anymore. 

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