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The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Your Lingerie With The Right Outfit

The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Your Lingerie With The Right Outfit

Every day, we spend a few minutes pondering over lingerie. It’s a daily struggle to decide what bra to wear under which blouse. You might be uncomfortable with wearing a lacy, neon bra under a white outfit, or a regular underwear under a bodycon dress, or a Lingerie under clothes or a bra with thick straps with a spaghetti strap top, so there’s a lot of thought that goes into this. As if our lives weren’t hard enough already!

So, to solve this conundrum, we’ve got the ultimate guide to pairing your lingerie with your outfit, so you can feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin. Whether you’re planning to wear T-shirts, short dresses, backless outfits or tube tops, we’ve got you covered. 

What To Pair With T-Shirts

T-shirts are relatively easier to style because they have a comfortable fit and are usually made in cotton or other breathable materials. So, you should go for a bra that gives you support as well as comfort.

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This is as comfortable a bra as it gets and it comes with no frills or flair. It says it like it is – basic. The beige colour makes it perfect for wearing under any kind of T-shirt of any colour, so it’s very convenient. Even if the tee has a tightly snug fit, this bra works because it is seamless and non-padded. It is also non-wired so you don’t have to worry about it poking into your under-bust area. 

A minimising bra, which is a T-shirt bra without pads and underwire, works if you have a heavier bust. It is also seamless so it won’t show under tight-fitted outfits. The straps are thick to give you extra support and maximum comfort.

The best part about tees is that you don’t have to worry about the neckline. Even if it’s a V-neck top, this full-coverage bra will go well with it. It’s in bright magenta so you might not want to wear it with white or light-coloured tops. However, if comfort is your priority when you pick out lingerie, then this one will work. It’s non-padded but has underwire if you want a little bit of support.

What To Pair With Low-Neck Tops And Dresses

Low-neck tops are particularly tricky to pair lingerie if you don’t want the bra showing when you bend or sit. So, plunge bras, V-cut bras, and deep U-style bras are going to come to your rescue now. 

This is perfect for those blouses which are sheer, have low necklines, or are made with the satin material that clings to your body. The straps are thin so a tank top or a bralette will also go very well with this. Trust us, this will become your go-to bra very soon. It even makes for the perfect thing to wear under Indian saree blouses if you don’t want the bra itself to be padded. The bra is supportive with light pads and underwire so it also works for those with a heavier chest. 

If you are someone who sometimes buys a bra just for the colour, then you’ve got to have this one. The cute periwinkle colour is so stunning that this could easily be your go-to sex bra  (we all have one, don’t we?). Apart from being pretty, it’s also comfortable because it’s got support for your under-bust. If you’re wearing a deep-neck top, you do want to show off that sexy cleavage, right? Don’t worry, this is also a push-up bra, so you can get boobs like Kim K without the contouring.

Plunging necklines, tube tops, halter tops, off-shoulder dresses and tops can all be worn on top of a bandeau bra. It also gives extra support to the breasts since there are no straps. Though women with heavier breasts should be careful because the bandeau bra does tend to slip sometimes.

What To Wear Under Backless Tops And Dresses

lingerie for backless dress and tops have got to be the trickiest when it comes to figuring out what to wear underneath. Many women don’t wear bras with dresses like these and stick pasties on or go completely all-natural. However, women with heavier breasts sometimes feel the need to wear a bra with these dresses. So, don’t worry, we’ve got some options for you. 

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These nipple covers are ideal for a top with an overly plunging neckline or a backless dress or top, in case you don’t want to put on a bra. They will cover your nipples and prevent a nip slip. But TBH, we’re all about freeing that nipple.

It’s almost invisible and so easy to wear. This is a lifesaver because it’ll go under everything. It also has a slight push up, if that’s important to you. However, these don’t give much support. The adhesive is great and sticks to your body without any problem and it even dries faster than a cloth bra.

What To Wear Under Bodycon Dresses

The problem with bodycon dresses is that they stick to every curve of your body and so the stitch of your undergarments shows from underneath the dress. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Seamless panties are something every woman should own because you never know when they will come in handy, so just buy a pair of nude and black panties. They will go well with a bodycon dress as they won’t show under it at all. Also, these colours can be worn under pretty much everything so the purchase will be worth it!

If you are conscious about your tummy, then these briefs are incredible because they’re high-waist, and they are also seamless so they won’t show under any clothing. You can even wear this under materials like satin which stick to your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear under a short dress?


The problem with short dresses is that they ride up when you sit. The best thing to do is wear a thong or a pair of nude briefs, so that even when you bend you don’t have to worry about flashing. 

What to wear under a maxi dress?


If it’s a sheer maxi dress, you can wear a bodysuit or a shapewear underneath. Otherwise, you can also wear a bra which has detachable straps that you can criss cross, make halter neck or just remove.




But ladies don’t worry too much. As long as you’re comfortable with it you can wear whichever lingerie with whatever outfit. Straps showing or bra peeking through the blouse don’t need to matter as long as you’re fine with it. As the smart people of the internet say, “You do you, boo!”

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