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On World Nutella Day, We Tried The Weirdest Food Combinations With The Hazelnut Spread

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Feb 5, 2020
On World Nutella Day, We Tried The Weirdest Food Combinations With The Hazelnut Spread


First things first, Nutella is pronounced as ‘new-tell-ah’ and not nut-ella. So, please just STOP DOING THAT! Second of all, it’s World Nutella Day today aka a day for hazelnut cocoa lovers! Ever since 2007, February 5 has been celebrated as Nutella Day to enjoy the goodness and therapeutic properties of the condiment. It works on bread as well as mood swings like nobody’s business. No offence, Daisy Shah.

We have a gift of these 24 hours to be one with the chocolatey haven, to spread that spread the way we want. Aur yeh 24 ghante tumse koi nahi chheen sakta!

So, we made the most of it by eating Nutella with never-paired-before food items. Basically, we replaced a condiment that’s universally enjoyed like ketchup with French fries and achaar with aloo parantha with Nutella, and boy was it disgusting. And so much fun!

Before I get into the history and significance of the holy-day, here’s how my crazy #NutellaChallenge spread at POPxo headquarters today!

Weird Food Combinations With Nutella

1. Aloo ka Parantha with Achaar Nutella

Our Head of Content, Kashika Saxena, was expectedly disgusted. Given that she doesn’t have a taste for Nutella, breakfast was successfully ruined.

2. French Fries with Ketchup Nutella

To my surprise, Tanya Sharma, a fellow Junior Editor, found the combination “pretty good”. She liked the sweet and salty taste. I’m totally judging her!

3. Nachos with Salsa Nutella

Our Senior Writer, Naina Sharma, hated me for making her try nachos with Nutella instead of spicy tomato salsa dressing or her favourite, Tobasco sauce. Sorry, Nains!

4. Gol Gappe with Namkeen Pani Nutella

Ekta Kapoor, our Deputy Editor, was not happy trading the spicy namkeen pani with chocolatey Nutella. The result? Yep, you guessed it, not a fan!



5. Momos with Chutney, Mayo Nutella

Divya Devgan, our Social Media Coordinator’s words “It’s weird ‘coz I really like it” will haunt my dreams. Who would do that to momos? I mean, momos!

nutella gif


Who Made Nutella?

Ever wondered who is the inventor of the Italian delicacy that starts your day with a smile? As per, “Originally, Nutella® was a smart solution to a tricky problem: the shortage of cocoa supplies following World War II. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker from Piedmont in Italy, ingeniously created a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar and just a little of the rare cocoa.” Here’s a brief timeline of how the Italian pastrymaker turned hazelnuts into our beloved spread:

1946 – Initially, he shaped it into a loaf that could be sliced and served on bread and named it ‘Giandujot’ after a famous local carnival character at the time.

1951 – ‘Giandujot’ was transformed into a new product that could be easily spread on bread; it was called SuperCrema.

1964 – Pietro’s son, Michele applied his innovative genius and, by trial and error, he improved the recipe and created the first-ever jar of a new hazelnut and cocoa cream. He named it Nutella.

1965 – A year later, when Nutella reached Germany, that’s where the unmistakable iconic design of the Nutella jar was born.

nutella was initially called SuperCrema


nutella iconic jar by german

History Behind ‘World Nutella Day’

In 2007, Sara Rosso, an Italo-American blogger and Nutella lover, decided to dedicate one day of the year to her favourite spread: so, on February 5th 2007, all Nutella lovers were called to unite. Since then, World Nutella Day became a way to celebrate it and also an introduction for a lot of people to try it for the first time.

Sara used to carry jars of Nutella to the USA as it was not easily available in her home country. One fine day (in 2007), she sent an email to her fellow blogger Shelley Ruelle, pitching the idea of International Nutella Day to be celebrated in the USA, which will help in making this spread popular in the country. And popular it became all over the world.

So, how do you like to eat your Nutella?

Featured Image: Instagram