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23 Surprising Reasons Why Nutella Is Better Than a Man!

23 Surprising Reasons Why Nutella Is Better Than a Man!

We can all agree that Nutella - creamy, yummy, delicious Nutella - is God’s gift to womankind. Today being World Nutella Day (yes, we’re serious - it has a day!), we list the many reasons why Nutella is better than a man. Go on now, cuddle up with your Nutella jar. 1. No matter what time of the day or night and how cranky you are, Nutella will never reject you.
Nutella is better than a man. 2. You can have Nutella whenever you want. You don’t have to sneak it in after your mum/ landlord falls asleep. 3. No matter how much you have of it, you can never get pregnant. Nutella is better than a man. 4. Nutella doesn’t judge you for putting on weight. In fact, Nutella encourages it. 5. Nutella is oh-so-rich! Nutella is better than a man. 6. And you can love it because it's rich (without being called a gold-digger) 7. A spoonful of Nutella will satisfy all your cravings! (Every single time!) 8. It won’t mind if you share it with your friends. 9. Your Nutella jar will never get jealous if you replace it with another Nutella jar! 10. It’s always sweet, no matter what! Nutella is better than a man. 11. Whether it’s hot or cold, it will never disappoint you. 12. It has a knack of making you feel better about yourself.
13. You actually like the taste of its (hazel) nuts! 14. Through bad days and crappy bosses, Nutella can always make you feel better. 15. It never fails to pleasure you. 16. Nutella would never give you an STD. 17. “Eat me now” has real meaning when it comes to Nutella. Nutella is better than a man. 18. You can take and take and take from it and it will never expect anything in return. 19. You never have to worry about it cheating on you. 20. Nutella won’t judge you for stuffing your face on the first date. Nutella is better than a man. 21. When you have Nutella, you don’t need anybody else. 22. There is no ONE Nutella. There are many. 23. Nutella doesn’t mind if you spoon it. Nutella is better than a man. GIFs: somegif.com, storypick.com, giphy.com; featured image: The Trafalgar Student Collective MUST-READ: 30 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Phone
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Published on Feb 5, 2015
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