4 Real Valentine’s Day Stories You Shouldn’t Read If You’re Single

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  Feb 8, 2018
4 Real Valentine’s Day Stories You Shouldn’t Read If You’re Single


Valentine’s Day fever is everywhere. Suddenly, everything around me is red and pink. If that’s not bad enough we have four women who shared their cutest Valentine’s Day experiences that will just make you aware of your singlehood even more!

1. In My Veins

I absolutely love Valentine’s day now. Two years ago, my boyfriend planned a surprise for me. We were in a long distance relationship and it was the first time he was away for Valentine’s day which means our cute movie night date was not going to happen this year on rotation. He kept on telling me he won’t be able to come even though I really wanted him to. So on V-day, my girlfriends and I decided to go for a common friend’s party because real friends don’t let you drown in alcohol alone. So we are having a really good time and I am chatting with someone and suddenly my favorite song, In My Veins by Andrew Belle starts playing and that is no party song so I turn around and there he was! Standing in all glory with flowers and cupcakes, wearing my favourite shirt of his. I started crying and all my girlfriends recorded it on video and it was undoubtedly the happiest valentine’s day ever!

-Vatsala Devki Vats

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2. Celebrating Singlehood

One year, my friends and I decided to participate in our college’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration. But slowly, friends who were in committed relationships started dropping out of the team. The only ones remaining were me and two of my other single friends. Cursing the day, we sat down in the canteen. We were two women and one guy (which needs to be clarified and you will see why) and were just having lunch when one of the hottest guys in college walked in. My girlfriend and I had been crushing on him for months now but never had the guts to talk to him. But he happened to be friends with our third friend and made his way to our table and started talking…to US! Mid-conversation he suggested all of us single peeps step out for a couple of drinks. My friend and I were giddy! We were going to have drinks with HIM. Of course, on the surface, we were as cool as cucumbers, while all the while we were texting each other fighting over who would make a move on him first. Eventually, neither of us made a move on him. But we ended up having a swell of a time and its my most happening V-day till date.

– Isheeta Sharma

3. A Stand-Up Celebration

It was never easy trying to stay away from the pomp and show that was Valentine’s Day. Gift stores were packed to the brim with products that were only in shades of red or pink, romantic date places were either packed or way too expensive, and the sheer number of couples all around us just oozing PDA was not something my boyfriend and I could stomach. This was when we came across a stand-up comedy event that was happening in the city, and without wasting another second, we booked our seats for the show. Little did we know that it would be the best Valentine’s Day of our lives! To watch some seriously talented men and women go up on the stage and hilariously roast single people and couples alike on Valentine’s Day was something I had never thought I’d need in my life until then. Laughing until our stomachs hurt and holding on to each other so we wouldn’t fall off our seats, I’m pretty sure nothing is ever going to top that V-Day for me.

– Ayesha Shah

3 valentine's day experiences

4. Going All Out

I’d never celebrated Valentine’s day, my ex-boyfriend thought it was a hallmark holiday and didn’t even bother meeting me on 14th February. And my current boyfriend was quite aware of that fact. So he decided that he’d create a valentine’s day for me that I’d never forget. He went all out, sending roses to my workplace, chocolates when I reached home. But that’s not all. The chocolates lead to a trail, to my bedroom, where he stood – a tray in hand. He’d cooked me a meal! My favourite butter chicken pizza (don’t question my taste) with a bottle of wine. It sounds disgustingly romantic, but I think every woman needs that, just once. Needless to say, it was one of the best days of my life with the perfect man.

– Natasha Vazirani

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