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10 Women Share The Hardest Parts About Online Dating & It’s All Our Stories

10 Women Share The Hardest Parts About Online Dating & It’s All Our Stories

Dating or finding ‘the one’ is not as easy as rom-coms make it look like. Most times, it requires a lot of effort. Online dating is one example – where you gotta keep trying, despite the disappointments. For women, this is especially difficult, given that there are security concerns involved; other than the fact that life for us also means weeding out the casual sexism constantly. Clearly, online dating comes with its cons as well. While finally finding your person comes with meeting a number of wrong ones, we could do with less of THAT.

More specifically, here’s what women constantly go through on dating apps, and it’d be nicer if it changes.

1. “When you’re looking for something serious its ridiculously difficult. You spend days weeding through “can you send me nudes” as introductions.”


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2. “You guys are getting matches? Online dating feels more lonely than real life.”


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3. “Many have said that already, but it is indeed lack of options. Mostly not because of excitement, height and looks, but simply because of incompatibility. Either the communication styles don’t match and the conversation just isn’t flowing or you ask them questions and realize that they have very different views.”


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4. “The sexting and the demand for nudes. I’ve started to think that men have nothing else to offer beyond sex. Moreover, it’s hard to judge their intentions. Do they want sex or a casual relationship or something serious idk.”


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5. “Liars. They lie about looks, height, finances, other random stuff, and especially intentions.”

– Anonymous

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6. “Too many guys think it’s okay to hurt their partners – like micro cheating.”


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7. Being ghosted or unmatched after that first message for no reason. Why swipe right if you have no interest in having a conversation? 


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8. “I’m a single mom so my time is limited. A lot of the men’s interest fizzles out before I get free time.”


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9. “The lack of effort they put in their dating profiles make it hard to determine if he’s worth a try or not. They use any old picture looking any old way with a couple words in the description and I’m supposed to determine if I like him based on that?”


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10. “Weeding out the married men. I gave up. I enjoy looking through dating profiles. But I don’t bother swiping yes anymore.”


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It’s not easy.

30 Nov 2023

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