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6 Women Reveal How Living With Their In-Laws Affects Their Sex Life!

6 Women Reveal How Living With Their In-Laws Affects Their Sex Life!

I was living with my in-laws for a good four years after I got married. While everything else was great, the sex life… It suffered big time! If you’re into vanilla sex then you have nothing to worry. But if you, like me, like to spice things up with props and costumes, then living in a joint family is not the ideal scenario for you. In fact, forget spontaneous sex on a table, having sex in a different bedroom is also a challenging task. But that’s my story. It could be totally different for someone else. And to know exactly what it’s like, I asked six other married women to reveal (anonymously) how living with the in-laws affects their sex life. 

1.  I can’t greet my husband in sexy lingerie!

My husband and I were dating for 2 years before we got married and when it came to sex, we’d tried almost every position and trick there is! However, after we got married last year, I always wanted to have a night where I greet my husband at the front door wearing nothing but a sexy babydoll! But since we stay with the in-laws, that’s not possible. I’m hoping that my in-laws take a vacation soon so I can fulfill my fantasy.


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2. Vacation sex is so much more fun

When you’re living with his parents, your sex life is obviously less exciting. You have to be conscious of how much noise you’re making. You have to wait until they’ve gone to sleep to close the door and get on with it. And you’re restricted to your bedroom. But because of all these challenges, my husband and I now go on a lot of weekend getaways and book staycations and the sex then is unmatched. The buildup and the excitement guarantees an ah-mazing time!


3. Caught in the act!

So this actually happened. It was after dinner and my in-laws had gone to bed. It was a Saturday night so my husband and I decided to put on a movie and pour ourselves a drink. Now we always, always keep the bedroom door locked but that day, one of us went out to the kitchen for a second drink and forgot to lock it. Half an hour later we were semi-naked, me on top of him and my mom-in-law walked in! What followed was a super awkward 2-second stare before she quickly walked out. The only saving grace was that our lights were switched off so not a lot was visible. So yes, this is what happens when you’re living with the in-laws and are not careful and attentive.



4. I can only have sex at night!

Living with in-laws has killed the spontaneity of our sex life. The most annoying thing is that we can only have sex at night, after the parents have retired to their room. An afternoon session or one before we step out for shopping is almost impossible. Because why would you lock your room randomly in the middle of the day? There are times when I want to make love to him right that very second, but we have to make sure that his parents are not outside our room or that his mom’s not about to call us for lunch.  

5. We’re restricted to the bedroom

My husband and I have a great sex life. I’ve never really experienced an issue with my in-laws being around. Our rooms are fairly far apart so it doesn’t make a huge difference. All you have to do is pump up the speaker volume and you’re set. But yes, I do find it slightly annoying that we are restricted to our bedroom. I wish I could experience doing it on the sofa or at least starting out in the kitchen or the lounge area and then taking it to the bedroom.



6. It doesn’t make much of a difference

I live with my in-laws and that’s never really made a difference to my sex life. I don’t understand how it can be a problem unless your in-laws are actually sleeping in the same room! It’s been 3 years and our sex life is great. And you always have vacations to fulfill any kinky fantasies that you may have.


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10 Apr 2019
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