8 “Girls Only” Travel Groups To Help You Make That Trip Happen!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Oct 10, 2016
8 “Girls Only” Travel Groups To Help You Make That Trip Happen!

Travelling is one of the most liberating feeling, ever! You can learn so much about yourself and the world around you. If you love the idea, but you’re skeptical about traveling around India because you’re worried about going about it all alone, then stress not. You could join certain “women-only” travel groups that will ensure that you’re in good hands and are bound to take home tons of happy memories. Get packin’ already!

1. The Wander Girls

If you’re looking to take a break from the hectic city, you should join The Wander Girls on their quest for adventure. They not only travel around India but do international trips as well. It’s a place to find like-minded women travelers and focus on your personal needs. They also host exciting events for women in different cities. Doesn’t that sound exciting?! Join the all-girl travel group, now!

2. The WOW Club

women only travel groups

International, domestic or customized tours, this travel club caters to all of them. They provide short getaway packages for the busy woman too. They also claim to provide a safe travel experience, an eventful itinerary, and furnished accommodation. Check out what else WOW has to offer!

3. Soul Purpose

If you’re looking for adventure specific experiences, you’ve got to check Soul Purpose out. From trekking to kayaking, they excel in them all. Also if you’re looking to join yoga, photography and meditation workshops, you’ll find what you’re looking for with them!

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4. Woman On Clouds


Expect to bump into some super talented women on this travel expedition. They host holiday packages for both, leisure and adventure. Plus, it’s also a great way to socialize and build your professional network. Did we mention that Woman On Clouds organizes yoga retreats too?

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5. F5Escapes

F5Escapes is a Bangalore based travel company that allows women traveling solo. If you do choose to travel with them, you’ll be provided with comfy accommodations at eco-friendly resorts. You’ll also get a chance to explore local culture as opposed to most commercial tour companies!

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6. Ladhaki Women’s Travel Company


There’s no doubt that Ladakh is a beautiful place. Traveling there has been a dream for most solo women travelers, but safety has always been a concern too. This travel company gives every female traveler a chance to experience the best of Ladakh! You’ll not only get to experience a rich culture but also stay with the locals of the town. Doesn’t the Ladhaki Women’s Travel Company sound pretty amazing? Register with them today!

7. Diva Odysseys

Diva Odysseys believes that a Diva must travel in style and luxury. You get to experience local culture, taste unique cuisines, explore landscapes and shop till you drop with them! Whether you’re single, married, young or old, you deserve to be pampered and showered with attention by this group! They will make you celebrate life like royalty.

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8. Girls On The Go Club


If your passion is traveling, you’ve got to be apart of the Girls On The Go Club. You will bump into women from various cultural backgrounds and have some of the most interesting conversations with them. This club takes care of your food, stay and travel. They provide curated trips and they strive hard to make your journey as pleasant and memorable as possible.

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