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#EverydayForEveryMom: 5 Women Leaders On Balancing Motherhood, Work & Life

#EverydayForEveryMom: 5 Women Leaders On Balancing Motherhood, Work & Life

Mothers juggle multiple responsibilities, make tough decisions, and constantly adapt to changing circumstances. They use their unique blend of skills and abilities to create something truly remarkable—a loving and nurturing environment where their children can thrive and flourish. 

It is a struggle #EverydayForEveryMom and the same skills and patience that run a home, also help run a company. As a result, the most successful entrepreneurs are also mothers. Case in point—our women leaders at the Good Glamm Group! 

As a company led by powerful women, we believe in celebrating the incredible strength of mothers today and every day. So, this Mother’s Day, we spoke to the most inspiring women we know at the Good Glamm Group. These women have made a difference not only in the workplace, but also in the lives of their children.

The Mom Who Gives Her All 

Priyanka Gill, Group Co-founder, Good Glamm Group; CEO, Good Media Co

Priyanka Gill, mom of Reya (12) and Pranav (17), shares how they have helped her become a successful entrepreneur. 


She says, “Being a mother is the best training for a founder – you are juggling so much all the time. The best tip I received was to focus on whatever you are doing. If I am with the kids – I am 100% with them. And it is the same for work. 

As both a mom and an entrepreneur, life is busy. It is a juggling act for sure, but I would not have it any other way!” 

The Mom Who Believes In Living In The Moment 

Naiyya Saggi, Group Co-founder, Good Glamm Group; CEO, Good Community

Naiyya Saggi, a successful entrepreneur and mom to little Aarya (4), talks about how living each moment can help you beat odds. 

She says, “My biggest tip is to realise that there is no work – life segregation. Each moment is simply life. Which is why I focus on things that spark joy and give me meaning. 


I love the process of building with our teams to create products & solutions that better how we care for ourselves and our loved ones around the world. I consider it a big blessing and a privilege actually to have this opportunity. 

I also consider being a mother one of my life’s biggest blessings as well. So each moment in a day is just that. Life.” 

The Mom Who Doesn’t Let Mother’s Guilt Come In Her Way 

Disha Sanghvi, Founding Member & Director, Good Glamm Group

Being a mom of twins and running a business may sound like the most difficult life. But Disha Sanghvi explains how her twins, Ira And Ari (9 months), give her the energy to conquer the world each day. She also has advice for new moms trying to manage it all!

She says, “Juggling work, life, and kids can be tough, but nothing beats the feeling of unconditional love from your little ones. And when you take that love and use it to fuel your career goals, it’s pure magic! 


So, here’s the best piece of advice I’ve got for new working moms – don’t let mom guilt bring you down, and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Trust me, I learned that the hard way!

The Mom Who Believes Kindness Comes First  

Sukhleen Aneja, CEO, Good Brands Co, Good Glamm Group

Sukhleen Aneja juggles two of the toughest jobs—being a CEO and mother of her twin toddlers, Sufi and Zoey (2 years)! Her journey so far has taught her that kindness and building a strong team can go a long way.

She says, “As a working mom of twin toddlers, I’ve learned the importance of building teams, seeking help, and most of all, being kind to yourself. 

Always know that you are doing your best, even when you think you are at your worst!”


The Mom Who Knows How To Bounce Back

Twinkle Khanna, Founder & CEO, Tweak India, Good Media Co

As a mother of two children, Nitara (10) and Aarav (20), and a businesswoman, Twinkle Khanna says that it’s okay to be good enough. 

She says, “The art of multitasking is not about juggling so well that you keep all the balls up in the air. It’s more to do with how fast you can pick up the dropped ones.”

This Mother’s Day, show some extra love to all the mothers around you, and if you’re a new mother, do not be afraid to dream big. Your life has just started!

Feature Image: POPxo

13 May 2023

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