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Woah! Netizens Are Convinced That Deepika Padukone Plays The ‘Jal Astra’ In Brahmāstra

Woah! Netizens Are Convinced That Deepika Padukone Plays The ‘Jal Astra’ In Brahmāstra

Currently, a lot is riding on Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s upcoming movie, Brahmāstra. The film will give us a verdict on #RaLia’s on-screen chemistry and director, Ayan Mukerji’s years of labour. But most importantly, this film will decide the future of Astra Verse (Indian cinema’s first superhero universe). This is the first installment of the series that has been titled Part One: Shiva. With an ensemble cast, the film will introduce us to the different elements of nature including Fire, Water, and Wind. Some of these big names associated with the film include Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, and Mouni Roy. That said, a lot of characters are yet to be revealed.

While we know that Ranbir plays the guardian of fire aka the Agni Astra in the movie, the names of the actors who represent Wind and Water have not been released yet. The trailer too just gives us a hint of the characters without clearly revealing their faces. This is fuelling the netizens’ frenzy and they are convinced that some more big Bollywood stars are going to be a part of Brahmāstra. Just after the release of the trailer, a lot of people claimed that Shah Rukh Khan might be a part of the film and will play the Vaayu Astra. But that’s not it. Yesterday, Ayan shared a trailer of the film in better video quality than before and the eagle-eyed fans are pretty sure that Deepika Padukone is gonna star in the film as well. They are now sharing snippets from the trailer to prove that Deepika plays the Jal Astra in Brahmāstra.


Yes, the picture is blurred, but we’d have to accept that the character does look a lot like Deepika. We are basically on board with all these claims that DP fans are making at the moment. Then again, there’s only so much that you can discern from a hazy screenshot and maybe we see DP in the blurry picture only because we really want to watch her in the movie. The actress will look killer as a superheroine and we’d love to watch her fight Darkness with Ranbir and SRK on her side. This does sound like the kind of Bollywood moment that we have all been waiting for!

In a recent interview, Ayan revealed how Brahmāstra will culminate into an entire trilogy if the first part of the film turns out to be a success. “The entire trilogy will tell the same story but the next movies will introduce new characters and bring new perspectives to the Brahmāstra story,” he shared. Now given that the trailer talks about three elements and their guardians, we can not help but believe that one of them will also be focussing on the Jal Astra aka the water Goddess aka (hopefully) Deepika Padukone. For now, all of this is just conjecture but we do hope DP is a part of the film. ‘Coz that would be MAJORRR!

Featured Image: Instagram

20 Jun 2022

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