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Ayan Mukherji Says He Has Plans For Brahmāstra Sequels & Here’s Why We’re Both Excited & Worried

Ayan Mukherji Says He Has Plans For Brahmāstra Sequels & Here’s Why We’re Both Excited & Worried

The Brahmāstra trailer dropped yesterday after years of waiting and it was every bit worth it. Admittedly, we have been watching it on loop right now. From the power-packed VFX to #RaLia’s crackling chemistry, everything about the trailer is fuelling our excitement and we would like to think of it as the beginning of something epic. If it works, Brahmāstra will give us the Indian film industry’s very first superhero universe. The most exciting part? The upcoming film is being referred to as “Part One: Shiva” which has everyone wondering if a sequel is in the making.


Well, it looks like director Ayan Mukherji has finally revealed his future plans for Brahmāstra. The filmmaker recently got into a chat with an online media platform and talked about the possibility of creating a full-fledged trilogy. “We will plan the shooting of the second and third part after the release of the first film,” he said. However, he already has a vision for the remaining two instalments if that happens. Revealing the idea, he added, “The entire trilogy will tell the same story but the next movies will introduce new characters and bring new perspectives to the Brahmāstra story.”


This basically means that if Brahmāstra manages to make an impression at the box office, we will get a franchise of more films. These movies will then introduce us to a series of superheroes and well, the thought is as excited as it gets. That said, we are a little concerned about the timeline, given that it took Ayan almost a decade to create Brahmāstra’s first part. The franchise might lose its charm if the filmmaker takes as much time to roll out the subsequent instalments. And if it actually takes that long to create part two and part three, they have to keep changing the cast. Then again, hurrying the film will not work in its favour either and we really hope that this is not another “Krishh” failure in the making.

We have high expectations from Brahmāstra and hope that it will deliver when the film finally hits the theatres on 9th September. And if that happens, we’d want the sequels to be as exciting as part one. Here’s hoping that Ayan has all of it figured out!

Featured Image: Twitter

16 Jun 2022

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