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Winged Eyeliner: How To Draw Perfect Flicks EVERY TIME!

The sultry cat eye is fresh, sexy and classic all at the same time, but has proved to be many a beauty lover’s Achilles heel. Creating a perfect flick on one side is hard enough, but getting it even on the other side too is a whole new story. Well, you won’t need to redo it as many times thanks to this guide – we tell you how to create perfect flicks EVERY single time! That everyday struggle of winging it will now be a breeze, so get ready to flaunt those dazzling flicks as your signature style.

1. Find The Right Tools

winged eyeliner

Liquid liners may give you dark, dazzling lines, but they’re also trickier to use than other types of eyeliners, especially when drawing those flicks. A gel liner with a thin, angled brush or an eyeliner pen is a much better idea when it comes to creating cat eyes. They’re easier to maneuver, especially if your hands aren’t as steady as you’d like – you’ll be able to draw more precise lines.

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2. Don’t Rush It

If you rush through it and sketch thick lines in a haste, you’re just going to end up turning it into a mess and will have to start all over again. Instead, take a deep breath and start slow and steady. Draw thinner lines and gradually create your flicks. You can slowly add more depth instead of drawing thick lines in a hurry. It may take more time, but at least you will end up with more perfect wings.

3. Steady Hand

winged eyeliner

If wobbly hands are a major problem while trying to perfect those feline flicks, then try resting your elbow on the mirror or on a table while drawing to help anchor your hand. You can also try resting your pinky finger or your ring finger (whatever you find more comfortable) on your cheekbone while creating your line with your other fingers.

4. Keep Your Remover Handy

Even if we’re super careful, there are plenty of times when it can (and does!) go wrong, so always have Q-tips and your makeup remover within reaching distance. Q-tips are great for removing tiny bits instead of taking off all your liner and having to start the whole process all over again.

5. Create A Shadow First

winged eyeliner

If creating symmetric wings is your biggest problem then you should definitely try this trick. Take your eyeliner brush and draw your flicks with eyeshadow till you get them even on both sides. It’s easier to do with eyeshadow and it comes off much more easily than eyeliner if you make any mistakes. Then, simply trace over your eyeshadow wings with your liner.

6. Fabulous Feline Flicks In A Few Simple Steps

Step 1: Begin by lining your lids like you would normally do. It’s best to start from the middle till the outer corner of your eye and then get to the inner corner. Draw a thin line as close to your lash line as possible.  Repeat on the other eye.

Step 2: Neaten your line. Then, look straight in the mirror and get ready to draw your wings. Remember, the tip where your eyebrow ends should be the direction in which to point your flick. Extend a thin line from the outer corner of your eye in this direction. Work back from the tip of the flick and join it to the line on your lids. Now just simply fill in your flick.

Step 3: Repeat the same on the other side. First, create a light flick so it’s easier to change if you make a mistake. Use your Q-tip and remover if you feel like it’s not even enough, till you get it right. Try and get it as symmetrical as you can – don’t stress if it isn’t exactly the same, no one will even notice it but you. Plus, with a little bit of practice you’ll be able to draw on perfectly even flicks in under a minute. Trust us, it’s possible!

winged eyeliner

Now go on and dazzle with those look-at-me cat eyes!

Image: shutterstock

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06 May 2016

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