10 Girls Try 10 *Different* Eyeliner Styles: Here’s The Verdict!

10 Girls Try 10 *Different* Eyeliner Styles: Here’s The Verdict!
Eyeliners are magical, even a thin line on your eyelid can transform your look completely. Your makeup is never complete without applying eyeliner to define your eyes and make them look even prettier. But if you’re bored of your regular eyeliner look, we give you a bunch of eyeliner styles to experiment with. We at POPxo tried our hand at different types of eyeliner styles, some bold and some quirky, to break the eyeliner monotony. We even rated these 10 eyeliner looks in terms of difficulty so that the next time you go out, you know which style to go for!

1. Shivani tried the sleek winged eyeliner

1 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 2/5

‘So I have been using eyeliner on a daily basis since the time I was in college. I have tried each and every technique that exists to apply eyeliner and sleek winged eyeliner is my favourite style. It’s super simple and easy. All you gotta do is take a liquid eyeliner, start from the inner corner of your eye and work towards the outer corner carefully. Stretch your eyelid a bit upwards to keep your eyeliner flat, thin and clean. There, you’re done!’ - Shivani Shrivastava, Trending Writer.

2. Dakshee wasn’t too happy with her blended shadow liner

2 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 4/5

‘So this technique required me to first draw a simple, not-so-perfect cat eye using my liquid liner. I then went over the flicks of the cat eye using black eyeshadow, and blended it onto the rest of my eye. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a smokey eye, or even eyeshadows for that matter, stay far far away from this one. Though this technique is meant to be a saviour for people who can’t draw a precise cat eye, I actually found it to be more difficult because now, I not only had to use eyeshadows but also blend it in neatly! And yes, I most definitely ended up with “panda eyes”! Definitely not something I would recommend for your daily makeup routine.’ - Dakshee Haryani, Social Media Manager.

3. Somya framed her crease

3 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 3/5

‘When I looked at pictures of this look, it felt it was really easy, doable and fun. But when I got down to doing it, it wasn’t as simple. But since I really like doing graphic eyes, I thought this was worth a try. Making the wings wasn’t all that difficult and I could manage it in no time. The problem started when I extended it to my crease and had to create the V-shape. That was really impossible and took me a Q-tip to perfect. But overall, it was a fun experience and I would do this style again, simply because it’s so different but not OTT.’ - Somya Suresh, Senior Writer & Copy Editor.

4. Isheeta loved her double winged eyeliner look

4 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 2/5

‘Well, before I started with this, I was actually scared. I am not an eye makeup person at all, and I had never before tried a winged eyeliner style, let alone a double winged eyeliner style! So when I got down to this and it actually kind of worked out without too many problems, I was super duper happy and surprised at the same time! Also, it looked nice so that was a huge plus! I am glad I decided to give this a shot. If you’re comfortable with drawing flicks then this style will be a breeze for you and if not you should still give it a try like I did.’ - Isheeta Sharma, Senior Lifestyle Writer.

5. Manika found the dual colour eyeliner style super easy

5 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 1/5

‘This one’s easy peasy but gorgeous! All you have to do is choose two colours, and apply them one above the other along the shape of your eye. You can use any combination of colours like blue + black, green + blue, green + black etc. I love the colour blue so I decided to go with the combination of blue + black. You can see that it looks pretty awesome and not OTT at all. For a more dramatic effect, you can go with two bright colours like shades of blue and green for a show-stopping look.’ - Manika Parashar, Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor.

6. Divya’s super thick wings for when regular wings aren’t enough

6 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty Level: 3/5

‘Most days, I don't even use eyeliner, so this took a little bit of effort for me. It's pretty basic in theory - you have to draw normal winged eyeliner, but thicker. The problem you'll face will probably be same one I did! You'll not know when to stop with the thickness! And once you think you've got the thickness just right, the left side may not match right. It's a bit tiresome but totally worth all the effort, trust me! In spite of it all, I loved the final look. And it's also the perfect style for when your regular winged look isn’t enough for a big party or event!’ - Divya Sharma, Assistant Editor.

7. Sharon found a new everyday eyeliner look - cutout eyeliner!

7 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 3/5

‘You need to have a firm and sturdy grip if you want to ace this look. When I got down to doing it, I realized that it’s not really as easy as it looks in pictures. It’s the kind that joins two lines in precision with each other but without filling them in like with a regular style. To be honest, this was my third attempt. At least the good part was that it taught me patience and how to focus on getting it right. I think I did a decent job at it, don’t you? Definitely going to try this cutout cat eye look more often!’ - Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle & Beauty Writer.

8. Priyanka’s dramatic smudged cat eyes

8 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 2/5

‘I don’t think this was that difficult as I used a kohl pencil, which is so much easier and less intimidating than liquid liner. I simply lined the lower and upper lids, extended them into flicks and used a smudger for a smoky effect. You can also use a Q-tip to smudge it out. It’s a little more dramatic than my usual style as you have to draw slightly thicker lines but I think the final look was really nice. The best part is that precision isn’t that important for this style! I’m definitely going to experiment with a thicker, smokier line on my lower lashes the next time. I think this is a great idea for any nighttime look.’ - Priyanka Ghura, Assistant Editor.

9. Sanya’s experiment with puppy eyeliner to make her eyes look bigger

9 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 1/5

‘The idea behind the Korean eyeliner style or ‘puppy eyeliner’ is to create downward flicks that make your eyes appear bigger, keep the lower waterline bare and then finishing off with loads of mascara to open eyes up further. I was pretty excited to try this style as I have really small eyes, and I have to say it was pretty simple to master! Not sure if it worked to make my eyes look bigger but it was all super easy to do!’ - Sanya Jain, Senior Editor & Writer.

10. Apoorva’s ‘70s eyeliner style was SO on point!

10 types of eyeliner styles

Difficulty level: 2/5

‘For a regular eyeliner user like me, creating the dramatic wing was not at all difficult. The problem was with the broken liner on the water line. I kept my hand really steady and put the liner in parts. But, I did manage to recreate the look. I personally loved this cool ‘70s look.’ - Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator.