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#WhyCompromise: The Latest TVC By The Moms Co. Featuring Sonam Kapoor Drives A Strong Message

#WhyCompromise: The Latest TVC By The Moms Co. Featuring Sonam Kapoor Drives A Strong Message

When it comes to your and your baby’s skin, you shouldn’t have to compromise, and this TVC by The Moms Co. featuring actress Sonam. A. Kapoor says just that. The newly launched brand film is also The Moms Co.’s first-ever TVC campaign, which spreads the message— Love, Without Compromise.

The Moms Co. is India’s leading toxin-free and natural personal and baby care D2C brand that firmly believes in designing skincare products with proof of performance that meets the highest safety standards. In fact, the creation of The Moms Co. happened to address the huge gap in toxin-free products in the Indian market. All the products at The Moms Co. are created with love and without compromise, by experts from across the world. The values of the brand are further amplified in the TVC starring the newly appointed brand ambassador of The Moms Co., and soon-to-be mum, actress Sonam. A. Kapoor. 

The TVC establishes how to give your skin the care it deserves by using the natural, toxin-free, and effective products from The Moms Co, which don’t require you to compromise either on efficacy or safety. And isn’t that all we want in our skincare products? Ingredients that are mild, plant-based, and gentle, but still pack a punch that helps target all skincare concerns effectively. 

In fact, The Moms Co.’s products are Sonam’s new favourite and in the ad film, she is seen recommending them to a friend who complains about her dull skin. The friend is surprised to see that the products are made with all-natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested, but she still can’t rely on their effectiveness. To this, Sonam sheds light on the efficacy of the products and adds that 100% of the women who have tried it have seen clearer, glowing skin in just two weeks. Sonam also advocates the viewers to try the products themselves to see amazing results. 

Sonam has always been known for her conscious and clean choices, and the values that she shares resonate with The Moms Co’s mantra of formulating natural and toxin-free products. Commenting on the campaign and association with Sonam, Malika Sadani, Founder and CEO of The Moms Co., stated, “Over the past 5 years, The Moms Co. has become India’s go-to brand for safe and effective products and is trusted by over 2 million customers. At The Moms Co., we strive to create products that are Natural, come with proof of performance, are extremely safe to use, and are made with zero compromises. In this journey, we have always been on the lookout for a partner who matches our brand ethos and principles. Sonam A. Kapoor is known for her conscious and discerning choices in all aspects of life and is a perfectionist in every right. In her, we found the perfect partner as the synergy between our values is remarkable. We are delighted to partner with her to make The Moms Co. reach many more homes.”

Sonam also shared a special message on Instagram following her newly-formed partnership with The Moms Co. The actress noted, “I’ve always been particular about my choices, but when it comes to skincare, most products felt like I was making some compromise. I’ve been searching for the perfect combination of products that are natural, toxin-free, safe and effective, so I know my skin is always protected.

When I discovered @themomsco it felt like I finally had an answer. It’s a home-grown Indian brand that was created by @malikasadani with products for women like her and me, who refuse to compromise. A brand that follows global safety guidelines, uses toxin-free natural ingredients, and delivers clinically tested visible results. No Compromise! ✔️

They’re as focused on quality and safety as I am, and I’m super excited to announce my partnership with @themomsco family going ahead. 💙
Exciting times ahead as we start to work together closely to deliver love without compromise to women around the world.✨”

With this campaign, The Moms Co. wants to encourage women to love their skin without any compromises. Just pure love, with the help of natural formulations and the safest ingredients. Talking a bit about their vision, Sukhleen Aneja, CEO, Beauty And FMCG Brands, The Good Glamm Group mentions, “The Moms co is one of our most awarded clinically certified brands that create products encouraging women to love their skin without compromising. With its new campaign, we would like The Moms co to become the first brand of choice for Mom and Baby backed by products that are gentle yet highly effective.”

Being gentle yet effective on the skin, The Moms Co. products are truly the safest choice for both mums and babies. If you are looking for skincare products that offer a generous amount of love and care to your skin, The Moms Co. is the right choice for you. Watch their newest TVC online and give your skin Love, Without Compromise.

21 Jun 2022

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