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An Invisibility Cloak For REAL?! 7 Ways We’d Totally Use It!

An Invisibility Cloak For REAL?! 7 Ways We’d Totally Use It!

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Going invisible could soon become a possibility, thanks to research by scientists in the US. They’re calling it an “ultra-thin invisibility ‘skin’ cloak” – which can be wrapped around an object to make it difficult for the naked eye to spot.

For the uninitiated, an invisibility cloak is what boy wizard Harry Potter used to good effect in J.K. Rowling’s series. It kept him away from people he wanted to avoid and got him to places he wanted to be – undetected. Here’s what we would do if we got our hands on this brilliant invention…

1. Merry Ex-Mess

No more bump-ins with that pesky ex you’ve been trying to avoid. Cloak to the rescue, please!

1. Pesky ex - invisibility cloak


2. Sex lecture? No, thank you!

You know, that moment your parents decide you’re an adult and want to discuss safe sex with you. Ummmm, except you already know everything you need to. #Awkward

2. Sex lecture -  invisibility cloak

3. The Food-Scapers

There are times you walk into a restaurant and realize it’s too expensive and want badly to leave? Now you can do it without the embarrassment and leave everyone clueless!

3. Food Scapers -  invisibility cloak


4. Hi! Do I Know You?

Have you ever waved at a person across a crowded room and not received the kind of recognition you were expecting? We get ya! At such times, we’d just like to disappear.

4. Hi Do I Know You -  invisibility cloak

5. The Toilet Sneak

It’s a pity when you walk out of a stinky toilet only to find someone who’s waiting to use it stare at you like you dirtied the pooper. If only you could sneak away without being glared at! #Phew

5. Toilet Sneak -  invisibility cloak


6. Toothy Business

Ever talked to a date with food stuck between your teeth and only realized much later how unsightly it must have seemed? Sometimes we just wish we could make those stuck leftovers go invisible!

6. Toothy Business -  invisibility cloak

7. That Unfunny Tale

Never set out telling a joke that you know people won’t laugh at. Because that room full of unlaughing people will make you cringe for the rest of your life. Disappear, pronto!

7. Unfunny Tale -  invisibility cloak


GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016

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