Wondering What To Buy On Dhanteras This Year? Here’s All That Is Considered Auspicious

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  Oct 8, 2019
Wondering What To Buy On Dhanteras This Year? Here’s All That Is Considered Auspicious


Come Diwali and the season of gifting and shopping begins! From global brands to home-grown labels, consumers are bombarded with awesome discounts and the best sales of the year. In fact, most of us wait for the Diwali season to begin to invest in valuables such as gold, electronics or a new property. It’s not just for the discounts but also because it’s considered shubh. And that brings us to the festival of Dhanteras. Celebrated two days before the occasion of Diwali/Deepawali, Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi marks the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi i.e. Goddess of Wealth into the world. She is, therefore, worshipped for bringing wealth, health, prosperity and well-being into our homes. Simply speaking, the word ‘Dhan’ means wealth and ‘Tera’ signifies the thirteenth day of Krishna Paksha or the dark fortnight of Kartik Purnima (lunar month). But what is the reason for celebration or significance of this festival in India?


Why Is Dhanteras Considered An Auspicious Day To Buy New Things?

Although there are several legends behind the birth of this festival, the most important one comprises the story of King Hima’s 16-year-old son. It was predicted that on the fourth day of his marriage, the prince would die from a snakebite. On hearing this prediction, the prince’s newly-wed wife came up with a clever plan. On the fourth day, she laid out all her wealth comprising of boundless silver/gold coins and pieces of jewellery at the entrance of their sleeping chamber and lit earthen lamps at every nook and cranny. Furthermore, she narrated stories and sang one song after another to keep her husband from falling asleep that night.

When Lord Yama i.e. the God of Death, arrived in the middle of the night, disguised as a snake, his eyes were blinded by the brightness of the lamps and radiance of the jewels. Since he was unable to enter the chambers at that moment, he decided to wait for the prince to fall asleep and climbed on top of the heap of gold, listening to his wife’s stories and songs. However, as the princess continued to keep her husband awake the entire night, Lord Yama had no choice but to leave the place, quietly, in the morning. As a result, the young prince was saved from the clutches of death by the cleverness of his wife. 


Since then, Dhanteras has been considered as ‘Yamadeepdaan’ due to which women of every household end up lighting several earthen lamps or diyas around their homes and keep them burning throughout the night as a sign of respect for Lord Yama. This auspicious day also marks the birth of Goddess Dhanvantari who is considered to be the physician of all deities and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. She appeared out of an ocean with Ayurveda for the well-being of all mankind. Apart from Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Kuber is also considered as the God of Wealth and Property and is known to visit our homes and bless us. Therefore, buying new things or investing in gold or property on Dhanteras is considered extremely auspicious.

What Should You Consider Buying On Dhanteras?

Since Dhanteras marks the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi and other Gods of wealth, prosperity and well-being, it is believed that buying all or some of these valuables will attract these divine entities towards our homes and bring good luck and success into our lives.

Gold Jewellery


Since it was the striking brilliance of gold jewellery that blinded Lord Yama, Dhanteras does remain the most auspicious day of the year to buy gold jewellery or invest in a gold loan. It is also one of the most powerful ways to appease Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and purity as she is almost always found draped in a red saree and adorned with gold ornaments.



For those of you who may wish to opt for something slightly less expensive, silver remains a great alternative to gold. Products, idols or jewellery made of silver are also believed to protect us from bad omen, keep us away from the god of death and ensure a regular flow of wealth.

Gold / Silver Coins


In any pictorial representation of Goddess Lakshmi, she is often shown showering gold coins. Hence, these coins represent not just money or wealth but prosperity in all directions and are recommended to be bought on Dhanteras. You can also choose to buy coins that are engraved with beautiful images of Goddess Lakshmi.

Kitchen Utensils (Preferably Silver, Copper, Brass)


Buying kitchen utensils or vessels on Dhanteras is also considered to be extremely beneficial for the well-being of the family. You must fill it with water before bringing it home as water itself, is treated as a lucky charm and believed to bring wealth and prosperity. Did you know that copper is considered to be the most auspicious of all? It not only promotes good health but creates an important purification process that balances the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in our body, as per Ayurveda. 

Metallic Bells


Doesn’t the mere sound of bells bring a sense of calmness to our souls? Well, they are also known to be a boon for good health and longevity in our homes and are, therefore, recommended to be bought alongside other items on Dhanteras.



There’s a reason why gadgets/electronics are the most commonly bought commodities during Dhanteras. It’s because of the belief that technological products bought on this day tend to last much longer than they generally would. Items that are generally larger in size like television, washing machine or refrigerator are placed in the north-east direction of the house for a good omen. 

Professional Commodities


You must also prefer buying products that can be easily used in your current profession as doing so on Dhanteras can promote growth and success in your career. For instance, if you’re an artist, you should buy a brand new set of paintbrushes or fabric/cartridge on Dhanteras and if you’re a writer, you should gift yourself a brand new diary or notebook. 

An Accounts Register / Planner


For those of you who run a business of your own, it’s deemed auspicious to invest in a new accounts register or a planner for your work on Dhanteras. It’s believed that records, accounts or achievements noted down in a new accounts register/planner from this day forward, have the possibility of helping your business run more smoothly and reap fruitful results. 

Gomti Chakras


According to ancient scriptures, this sacred symbol was gifted to Goddess Lakshmi by Lord Vishnu himself and considered way too precious. Hence, keeping gomti chakras in your home is believed to ensure constant blessings from both, apart from a regular flow of wealth. They also protect your family from the evil eye, ward off fears and resolve all your financial losses.

Swastika Sign For Your Entrance


Placing a Swastika sign on your doorstep or at the entrance of your home on Dhanteras is also considered to be a powerful way of attracting/welcoming good luck, prosperity and happiness into your family. This is why many people also prefer creating a Swastika rangoli on Diwali.

Idols of Goddess Lakshmi


Since Maa Lakshmi is worshipped with great love and devotion on Dhanteras, it only makes sense to buy a beautiful, new idol of the deity (be it of brass, silver, marble, terracotta, earthen clay etc) and welcome both spiritual and materialistic wealth into your home.


Using a new broomstick during Dhanteras signifies the act of sweeping away the poverty, misery, diseases/health problems and financial stress (if any) from your house. So, make sure you buy a new one before you begin cleaning your home for Diwali celebrations.

Invest In A New Property/Vehicle


Dhanteras is considered to be the most favourable day of the year for buying/investing in a new property or vehicle as it’s seen as a sign of good luck and welcomes prosperity into our lives. It is believed that on this day, all such decisions would reap great results.

Wooden Furniture


Revamping your home with new, wooden furniture during Dhanteras is also believed to represent adaptability, new opportunities and successful endeavours of projects. So, go ahead and deck up your space before your guests start arriving for your Diwali party!

Toys For Children


Dhanteras is considered to be the perfect time for buying new toys, clothes and accessories for the children in your family as it’s believed to boost their growth, health and yearlong development. 

New Clothes


Aren’t most of us in a habit of buying new clothes before Diwali or flaunting an attire that makes us happy? It’s because new clothes, much like other products, also signify new attitudes, a new personality and new changes whilst encouraging growth and confidence. So, there’s no better day than Dhanteras to pamper yourself with some self-love and clothes that make you happy.

Incense Sticks


It is believed that incense sticks have properties that can dissolve any negative energy. In Hinduism, as the smoke rises up to the sky, it often represents that all your prayers will be approved by the divine entities, soon. So, this Dhanteras, make sure that you burn a few incense sticks to make your home smell like a dream and attract Goddess Lakshmi with the mesmerising aroma of sandalwood, mogra, rose, etc. Scented candles from POPxo can also be a fun alternative, even after the celebrations are over.

Products For Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi


You must be equipped to greet the Goddess of Fortune into your home with a worship thali consisting of betel leaves, sandalwood paste, Kalash, earthen lamps/diyas, sindoor, etc. In addition to invoking piousness and positivity around your house, these sacred symbols are also believed to attract and please Goddess Lakshmi. You can also offer her sweets like kheer, boondi ladoos, pedas, coconuts, paan and a fruit called shriphal to welcome her with love.

What Should You Avoid Buying On Dhanteras?

On Dhanteras, there are certain inauspicious products that you must avoid buying, no matter what. So, make a note and steer away from the following products:


  • Products made of iron, steel or plastic
  • Sharp objects like knives, scissors, blades, etc
  • Oil or ghee in huge amounts
  • Anything that’s black in colour (as it represents Shani Dev, not Maa Lakshmi)
  • Products made of glass (as they represent a negative Grehan called Rahu)
  • Products that are polished with a (fake) gold plating

Happy shopping, y’all! Wish you a very prosperous and successful Dhanteras!

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