Spilling The Tea: What Is Vagina Steaming & Why Does Gwyneth Paltrow Love It So Much?

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Feb 19, 2021
vagina steaming


Let’s face it-between menstruation, intercourse and giving birth, our bodies go through a lot. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s in pain but it always needs some tender loving care. Yes, using pH washes for intimate areas and wearing cotton panties are some great ideas but it needs more, so much more! And one of the ways you can show you some ‘deep’ love to your lady parts is via vagina steaming!

Believe it or not, it is not a ‘modern’ practise but something that has been practised for hundreds of years. And the only reason why everyone’s talking about it so much is that Gwyneth Paltrow cannot stop raving about how much she loves the treatment. This practice has also surged in popularity after receiving high praise on her website, Goop. But, does it actually do anything or is it yet another gimmick? Time to find out!

What Is Vagina Steaming?


It is a ‘facial’ for your vagina!

It is an age-old remedy in which a woman sits over a bowl of steaming hot water that’s infused with herbs. This controversial method has been used since ancient times and is believed to help ease cramps, regulate your menstrual cycle and just ‘deeply’ cleanse your vagina and uterus.

How To Do Vagina Steaming?

Just like you get a regular facial from experts, you can get your vagina steamed at an exclusive spa but for a hefty price. The entire process involves you sitting over a special seat (or a ‘throne’ as Gwyneth fondly calls it), while herb-infused steam is directed into you. You are also required to wrap a towel around your legs and thighs so the steam can’t escape.

Commonly used herbs in this procedure are wormwood, mugwort, calendula, basil and even chamomile! Your steaming session can last from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the temperature of the water and if you’re comfortable enough.

Although the procedure is quite simple, it is better to let an expert do their job rather than you trying to do it yourself from the comfort of your home.

‘Alleged’ Benefits Of Vagina Steaming


Vagina steaming is a daring act but it definitely has some alleged amazing benefits that’ll convince you to try it. 

– It cleans your vagina & the entire reproductive tract.

– It helps in reducing stress and depression.

– It helps you relive off any infections you may have down there.

– Helps you get rid of hemorrhoids.

– Helps you deal with infertility.

– It even helps with severe headaches and digestive issues.

Alright, we see what the hype is all about, Gwyneth!

But, Does It Actually Work?

The above-mentioned benefits are the reason why everyone wants their area down under to be steamed but sadly, there’s is no scientific evidence to prove it. And yes, both Gwyneth and Goop did receive a lot of backlash for promoting something that’s not even scientifically right.

Since a lot of people do feel ‘cleaner’ and better after every session, it is worth a try. But do keep these safety precautions in mind:

– Do not do it at home as you’re at risk of burning those sensitive vaginal tissues,

– Try opting for smaller sessions as adding extra moist heat could increase the chances of bacterial or even yeast infections.

– Make sure that all the equipment are thoroughly cleaned and the herbs have not crossed their expiry dates,

– If you are pregnant, then please sit this one out or any other ‘hot’ services such as using a hot tub or relaxing in a sauna.

So, what are your thought on vagina steaming? Will you give this a try? Do tell us!

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