Make Friends With Your Vagina: Here's How You Can Take Better Care Of It

Make Friends With Your Vagina: Here's How You Can Take Better Care Of It

In the era where a new vagina care trend pops up every month, we would suggest you keep things simple. Vaginal care isn't as difficult as trends like crystal eggs, weed suppositories, lasers, Bluetooth menstrual cups and vajacials make it sound. Here are a few easy-peezy things you can do or correct to make your vagina and vulva healthier and happier.

1. Always use condoms with a new partner

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It's the first rule of safe sex. Condoms prevent STDs. You may not be aware of it yet but a condom also keeps your pH level steady during sex so the good bacteria in there can stay healthy. These bacteria prevent yeast infections, UTI and bacterial vaginosis. 

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2. Don't skip your sessions with the gyno

An annual checkup with your gynac is important for your vaginal health. Find a doctor you feel comfortable talking about your issues with and make it a regular date. Talk to your doctor about birth control, STI checks and fertility. And even when you feel it isn't necessary, get your annual checkup done.

3. Please, oh, please... use lube

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You are ready for some action but looks like your vagina wasn't prepared. It's absolutely normal for your vagina to feel dry but it can impact your vaginal health. When you are on medications like antidepressants, hormonal birth control and so on, vaginal dryness can be bad for you. In such a case, communicate with your partner and make sure your vagina isn't dry before you start or just use. It'll only make your experience better.

4. Don't douche

Your vagina is designed to clean itself (we told you it was powerful!). It has healthy bacteria that maintain its health and harmony. Introducing your vagina to new chemicals can be an irritating experience and can increase the risk of infections so just avoid it completely. 

5. Wear cotton undies

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You may like the touch of satin and the feel of lace but when it comes to undies, your vajayjay has a preference and it's cotton. It's breathable and lets the air in and absorbs the moisture. Go commando when you're at home, that's even better.

6. Don't overuse antibiotics

Too many antibiotics can reduce your vaginal health as antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria which may also result in infections. So before you start any course, just make sure that they're absolutely vital to take it. 

7. While having sex, never switch from anal to vagina

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Never go from anal to vaginal without switching the condom. Going from back to front will expose your vagina to uninvited bacteria which will put your vagina at high risk of infection. So always go front to back.

8. No scented soap for down there

Soaps and body wash with added fragrances probably make you feel fresh but they are not meant for your genitals. Your skin has a protective layer but your genitals don't. In this case, they are exposed to chemicals and might act sensitively towards them. For a clean up down there, you only need some warm water. 

9. Do the Kegel exercises

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Kegel exercises can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which reduces strain on the pelvic organs and improves bladder function. They also help you get better orgasms. 

10. Clean your vulva

The external part of your genitals which includes labia - vulva, needs to be washed. Bacteria, oils and dead skin build up can hide in the folds of the vulva but it's important to clear it out from time to time. To clean it, you just need to use your hand and mild soap. No major scrubbing with a loofah is needed. That can rather harm the sensitive area. 

11. Latter up down there once a day max

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Even if you shower twice a day, your labia doesn't need that much lathering. It's fine if you skip the soap for down there for a couple of days as too much cleaning can remove the naturals oils.

12. Don't rub your vulva with a towel

Understand that you are dealing with the most delicate and sensitive part of your body. Rubbing your vulva with a towel to dry it is a bit harsh. Just pat dry or if it's irritated then use your blow drier at the lightest. 

13. Skip bath bombs and scented materials as much as you can

13 Simple Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Vagina  - bath bomb

Isn't it always good to have some scent on the body? If you're smelling good, it's a good day already but that doesn't stand true for your vagina and vulva. Soaking in scented bath bombs can disrupt the pH balance of the area which can cause infections and irritation. You don't have to stop using them completely but maybe limiting them to a couple of times in a month would be a better idea. 

14. Say bye bye to deodorized pads and tampons

You don't need to hide or mask the smell of period blood with unnatural scents. Period blood smell is natural. Pads and tampons with scents have harsh perfumes in them which ruin the pH balance of the vagina and cause irritation and allergies. So go for fragrance-free pads and tampons.

15. Embrace the natural scent of your vagina

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The scent of your vagina changes with your lifestyle and your diet and it's nothing to cover up. It's absolutely natural and as long as you're keeping your vajayjay clean, you have nothing to worry about. The use of external fragrances isn't good news for your vaginal health so avoid that and start embracing the scent you are blessed with.

16. Prevent ingrown hair in the area

Everyone is so busy trying to make their vagina look clean and pretty that they often forget to notice that the hair on your vagina has a purpose. It is there to protect the skin. However, if you still choose to remove pubic hair, do everything you can to avoid ingrown hair. Use a sharp and clean blade every time you shave. If you use wax to remove hair then make sure you are using a reputable product. Popping a pimple or extracting an ingrown hair down there might feel satisfying but cracking your vaginal skin is not a smart move. It exposes the skin to infections. 

17. Pick the right sex toy for your vagina

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Masturbation is pleasurable and good for you. A right sex toy can help you enhance your experience. But the trick is to find the one that is best suited to your pleasure. The clitoris is the pleasure site you're looking at but many women find their spot at the top and front of the vaginal canal as well. So whichever is your main pleasure spot, find a sex toy for there. 

18. If pain is always a problem during sex, see a doctor immediately

Sex is the best example of a good type of pain but if you're experiencing unbearable paon, talk about it as transparently as possible. Penetrative sex can be uncomfortable. If you have tried using lube and changing positions and still can't avoid pain, go to your doctor. The usual reasons for pain during sex are infections, muscle spasms, vaginal dryness, cysts or fibroids. So get it checked.     

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