What Is Hate Sex? Should You Try It?

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Sep 26, 2017
What Is Hate Sex? Should You Try It?

Admit it, your curiosity has brought you here. Considering most prefer to call sex  – ‘making love,’ then how does the word ‘hate’ fit in? How did that even happen, right? Well, passion has something to do with it, certainly. it is a well-established fact that there is nothing we do more passionately than hate somebody. So, here you go, here is your 101 on what hate sex actually is and things to keep in mind before you give it a shot!

Why Do I Want To Have Sex With Someone I Hate?

The logic is very simple, actually. Hating someone, much like loving someone, gives you an adrenaline rush. Consider having sex with your partner after a fight, it is always pretty damn sexy, isn’t it? You could also have hate sex with someone you don’t match with on a mental level but on a physical level, you just want to bone them. It’s your physical desires and impulses taking over your better judgement and well, it can turn out to be quite hot. It’s the whole ‘I hate you like I love you’ idea coming into play.

What Happens After We have Hate Sex?

Having sex is easy. The tricky bit comes after. Now that your physical needs are fulfilled, you’re left wondering ‘What just happened?’ This often affects the next day when ‘buyer’s regret’ actually kicks in. Because, though the sex was great, it is never enough. You still hate that person. Here are a few scenarios you might face after hate sex that you actually need to think twice about.

1. That Was Hot. Do I Want To Do This Again?

This happens especially when you are in a relationship. You don’t want to get up and just leave because, c’mon, ghosting never helped anyone. And you just had great sex. But you never really resolved the issue at hand. When dating someone, hate sex is a good way to break the monotony but do it too often and you will notice things fell apart a long time back. Something to ponder over, huh?

2. Does This Mean We’re Dating?

You had hate sex with someone you recently met. That’s okay, no biggie. But do NOT let it become something it’s not. The good and bad part about hate sex is that it’s the best the first time around. So, don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Sure, he is hot. But does he even know why you despise him the first place? To actually date someone, you need your wavelengths to match more often than not. And if that is not the case then boy, bye!

3. We Hate Each Other. So What? It’s Not That Big A Deal.

Get this one thing straight, hatred is never okay. You had a moment and that’s all that it was. If you dislike or hate someone, it is a big deal. And this negativity will take a toll on you sooner or later. So, don’t jump into it or at least have a proper honest conversation before you do.

Despite all this, on a pure passionate level, hate sex can be lots of fun. It can get a little out of hand so make sure you know your hard and soft limits. But if you want, go for it! As long as you know what you are doing and how to keep your emotions in check, nothing should ever restrict you!

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