Thoughts I Had While Watching Beauty Maven Huda Kattan’s Reality Show

Kannagi DesaiKannagi Desai  |  Jun 14, 2018
Thoughts I Had While Watching Beauty Maven Huda Kattan’s Reality Show


There are two things that I absolutely LOVE: beauty and reality TV. I am supremely serious, I love watching Bachelor nation (HOW CUTE was it when Ashley I. and Jared got together finally?), Keeping Up With The Kardashians and regrettably Bigg Boss too among other things. I am a beauty junkie, which isn’t a self-confessed thing anymore because everyone knows! Know what I am getting at? Yes. Putting both my loves together, beauty industry goddess Huda Kattan, the mind and brawn behind beauty conglomerate Huda Beauty‘s reality show Huda Boss just aired it’s first episode on Facebook watch and I am already hooked. 

When you’re a beauty junkie you know you like to get into the depth of things. You like to see how things work behind the scenes and how your favourite product is made and what’s in your favourite beauty blogger’s bag!

So I was ecstatic to be able to get a sneak peek into Huda Kattan’s life and here’s what the first episode told me about her. 

1 huda kattan reality show huda boss

She is an extremely driven and ambitious woman. She said the goal is to make Huda the biggest beauty brand out there. Huda has been on every beauty junkie’s wish list at least once in their lives so I would say she’s already on her way. 

Huda didn’t like her name. Yes, that name that is a part of everyone’s daily conversation is something she struggled with. She recalled calling herself Heidi back then to fit in. I felt this was a great reminder that even the prettiest, strongest boss gals have had insecurities and emerged stronger than ever.

She believes in quality products no matter what. We have been hearing about her concealer for a long time and have been waiting with baited breath. She revealed in the episode that she isn’t happy with the final test of the concealer and in an emotional moment, she talks to her husband about it. Who tells her that they would incur a loss of 1.5 million dollars because of this batch. 

Working with the family is not always easy. She shares a very close-knit bond with her sisters and a very endearing relationship with the rest of her family. However, the bit in which her Dad walks into a board meeting was very relatable. It’s not always easy to work with family.

It’s a slight rip off of KUWTK. There are a lot of places where the idea of ‘scripted reality’ comes into play. There are a lot of moments that are added in the episode where they are trying to be relatable to their audience but that attempt does not come through with precision.

The Kattan clan are goals of all sorts. Mona Kattan’s closet is something that would put Carrie Bradshaw to shame. Huda’s love for beauty is, of course, goals and their sprawling palatial mansions are an absolute dream. 

3 huda kattan reality show huda boss

Her dad is the most adorable person on the show. He is so dad-like but also so cool at the same time. I love it!

Am I going to keep watching? I think so 🙂

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