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11 Surprising Things Guys Want Girls To Do While Kissing Them!

11 Surprising Things Guys Want Girls To Do While Kissing Them!

Ladies, you’d be quite surprised by what guys want girls to do while kissing them. Yes, there are so many variations you can add to your plain ol’ kissing! Check out these 11 kissing tips for the movements of your lips to ensure your next makeout session turns hot!

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How To Kiss A Guy To Make Him Want You More

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, these seductive and useful tips to kiss a guy are definitely gonna help you to make your guy go crazy.

1. The kissing triangle

The trick is to kiss his lips, move down to his neck and then go back to kissing his lips. It’s the kissing triangle that you should definitely try as it is one of the types of kisses guys like.

2. Kiss his jawline

Start with tracing your lips down his jawline. It’s a super sexy movement that he is totally waiting for!

2 what guys want girls to do

3. A little foot business

While things are getting hot and heavy up there, why should it be cold and dry down there, right? Trace his leg with your foot so that he can just lightly feel it and get turned on! This is the best example for how to touch a man while kissing.

4. Change your position

Don’t let him be on top all the time. He will get tired of it eventually. So shake things up a little, and climb on top of him when you start making out!

4 what guys want girls to do

5. Suck it up a bit

No, we are not being mean! What we’re saying is that it’s time you suck on his lips just a little bit. Take his lip in your mouth, move your tongue over it ever so lightly and then let it go. He will be asking for more in no time!

6. Including his finger!

While we are talking about sucking, ever tried that with his finger? This is something you can do in the middle of a hot kissing sesh. Take his finger, put it in your mouth and then let it out in a sexy way! Easy and effective! If he puts his finger in your mouth again then it is one of the signs a guy is turned on while kissing.

6 what guys want girls to do

7. Nibble a bit

Very lightly, of course! Almost the way a rabbit would nibble on a carrot. Lips are a sensitive part of his body so don’t go and bite it off but just a little biting and nibbling can be quite fun!

8. Use your tongue

Unless you and your partner have discussed the usage of tongue, it can be quite a shocker to use it while kissing. But, if you use the right amount of tongue, it can actually be a pleasant surprise instead!

8 what guys want girls to do

9. Pay attention to the lower lip

The lower lip is definitely more erogenous than the upper lip so don’t ignore it! Take some time to put your entire focus on it. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

10. Keep the hands going!

Don’t let your hands be idle. You should be well aware of how to hold your boyfriend while kissing. Use them! Run them through his hair, pull him a little closer, move them up and down his arms or chest. He needs that kind of foreplay too!

10 what guys want girls to do

11. Two words – speed variation!

Keep changing things! If you are going slow and steady then kick it up a notch and go fast and then come back to slow. Men love this kind of unpredictability!

12.  Rein Your Tongue

Never start a kiss while using your tongue instead introduce it later when it’s time. Also keeping your tongue in control will give you the best experience. What you should maintain is to strike a balance between keeping your tongue too stiff or too sloppy.

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13. Don’t Miss The Nape & The Back

While focusing on his lips don’t ignore the other parts of his body which crave your love. So where do guys like to be kissed? You can easily turn on your man by kissing his nape and back. Start with the nape and go all the way down his back. He is going to love it!

14. Play While Adjusting Your Height

Pushing your body up and down passionately while kissing increases the excitement exponentially. So make sure that you stand on your toes while kissing him and adjust your height accordingly to have a smooth kiss. 

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15. Grab His Thighs

While both of you are busy feeling each others’ lips, slide your hand from his back to all the way to his thighs to feel them. Slide your hands up and down on his thighs or simply grab them tightly, notice what he likes better and continue with it.

So now when you know everything about how and where to kiss a guy to turn him on, make your foreplay more interesting. XOXO

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28 Dec 2016
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